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Man in the Middle: The FA's Andy Ambler

Season 1, Ep. 36
Welcome to Episode 35 of the Fan Engagement Pod, a chat with the person responsible at The FA for relationships with The Football Supporters Association, as well as clubs and others, Director of Professional Game Relations, Andy Ambler.Andy used to run Millwall and before that, Fulham, under quite different owners, John Berylson and Muhammed Fayed. At Millwall they had a fan on the board (and still do). He has a fantastic level of insight when it comes to how clubs and their owners think, and how Fan Engagement is done well.He’s a big advocate of listening and working proactively with fans and their representatives, and applies those principles to what he now does for The FA.Alongside plenty of great insights on Fan Engagement, we also touch on some areas of regulation, particularly the misunderstandings that some fans have about who is and isn’t responsible and why.As a listener to the Fan Engagement Pod, we'd like you to take just a couple of minutes of your day to fill in a quick survey about it. Go to’t forget we’ve got loads of other episodes, including the new Bas Chat, where we take a particular look at activations, sponsorships and partnerships between brands and rights holders with a Fan Engagement flavour, with a real expert in the field, Bas Schnater. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the next episode will be out on the 4th March.We’ll return to the regular date of the last Thursday of every month for the scheduled March episode. Listen via the usual channels. Search Fan Engagement Pod.You can join the Fan Engagement Network at