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Special: Paul Musa from What The Footie & Kevin Rye, Fan Insights

Season 1, Ep. 24
Welcome to Episode 24 of the Fan Engagement Pod, and this is a bit of a special: it’s a pretty free-ranging conversation between myself and Paul Musa, who runs the What the Footie podcast, with this episode published by both What the Footie, and the Fan Insights Fan Engagement Pod.Paul’s podcast was set up to help crack open some of the secrets in the game, and is worth a listen: he looks at loads of issues around player trading, club ownership, finance, governance, and broadcasting - a real mixture.Paul’s podcast series clearly reflects him as a person with an eclectic background, and it’s worth taking a look at his LinkedIn page to see what he’s been up to for the last few years, including a recent move into law, as well as the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation. His LinkedIn page is below in the Episode Links.We touch on a lot of Fan Engagement issues such as the 50%+1 rule, the role of supporters’ trusts, who does Fan Engagement well, as well as project Big Picture, Fulham’s player trading, Premflix and on-demand services and how the FA does and doesn’t get involved in regulating clubs.I really enjoyed this episode, which you can tell I’m sure, so have a listen.Don’t forget you can join the Fan Engagement Network at We’re introducing some exclusive member services soon.Episode Links:What the Footie podcast: Musa’s LinkedIn page:

Football Activism with Niall Couper, Amnesty International & AFC Wimbledon

Season 1, Ep. 23
We return this episode to football activism, in a chat with Niall Couper, Head of Media, PR and Supporter Communications for Amnesty International UK, playing an important role to promote activism in the UK.It’s critical for anyone running a club or working in football in a Fan Engagement role to understand how activists think and work, which make this, and Episode 6, with Fulham, Spurs and Liverpool activists, required listening. The word ‘activist’ can make some people quite uncomfortable, and that’s why understanding that they’re just people, like you and me, who decide to do something to change a situation is so important.Aside from being a former sports journalist at the Independent, Niall is also something of a football activist. A Wimbledon fan, he ran the media campaign for the Plough Lane Bond earlier this year that raised £5.5m in a matter of weeks, completing Wimbledon’s new stadium at Plough Lane. He also co-founded and ran the alternative programme, Yellow & Blue, which Wimbledon fans published during their campaign against being franchised to Milton Keynes in 2001/2002, outselling the official programme by a reputed 3-1.We talk about how you don’t change people’s minds by shouting, how football fans are not outsiders, and how you should never be scared of taking on the big boys. We also touch, briefly, on Amnesty’s work around the attempted takeover of Newcastle United by a Saudi consortium.Don’t forget you can join the Fan Engagement Network at We’re introducing some exclusive member services soon.Episode Links: The Plough Lane Bond: Yellow and Blue, the alternative matchday programme for Wimbledon fans (2002):

No nonsense Fan Engagement with Julian Tagg, President, Exeter City FC

Season 1, Ep. 22
Episode 22 of the Fan Engagement Pod is with Julian Tagg, Club President and Director of External Affairs at Exeter City FC - the club that finished top of the first Fan Engagement Index in 2019. The 2020 edition will be out in the next couple of months.He talks about the challenge of operating what are in effect several businesses in one, resilience, whilst keeping fans involved and committed. Although their fan-ownership model is of course critical to their culture, they do I think they share similar characteristics with other clubs like Norwich City, because of their culture of Fan Engagement and involvement in decision making, something that has been as critical in keeping the show on the road during some quite difficult times.I had a lot of fun recording this, as we really dug into the way that Exeter do things. Fan-owned since 2003, in my view they have avoided a lot of the pitfalls of other fan-owned clubs, and learned a huge amount from their own mistakes - and those of other clubs - and grown up as a result. They project a sense of confidence, determination, but with modesty. I think all clubs, from Premier League or National League, could do a lot worse than spend time talking to them.Julian’s a hugely impressive character, and his expertise in Sports Psychology has undoubtedly played a big part in what he does and how he approaches things - particularly relationships with fans. He’s held the roles of Chairman and CEO, as well as his current role.Don’t forget you can join the Fan Engagement Network at We’re introducing some exclusive member services soon.Episode Links: Fan Engagement during Covid19