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EP44- Helping Fitness Coaches & Personal Trainers Get Online with Bill Clarke

Season 1, Ep. 44

If this is your first time tuning in welcome, this is the Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast. Today's guest is Bill Clarke from Bill helps fitness coaches to get more leads primarily by using Facebook ads and Google ads. In this episode, we dig into how he got started as a freelancer, we talk about the mindset challenges that he faces and that he goes through with his clients. 

We also discussed the online marketing platforms that he's using so he's using character to help run his business. We talked about a lot of the struggles and challenges that you face as a freelancer, but also the benefits that come from niching down and focusing on one audience. He helps health and fitness coaches and undoubtedly he's narrowed down into a niche and is very specific. 

Because of that, he's been able to build repeatable processes that he can take his clients through. And has a recurring revenue business model that then helps these clients get more business online, and really push the online market because the whole fitness industry has completely changed now that everybody's doing online classes for everything from Pilates to personal training to yoga. It can all be done online.

So, now, is really a perfect time in terms of the industry that Bill has decided to work in. It's opened up for other people to help fitness coaches, gyms, pilates studios, instructors, and personal trainers to take their business online- there's a big market for that now because of the global pandemic and the situation that we landed in. 

So tune in this one's for you if you're a freelancer if you're wanting to help people by building websites building businesses, running Facebook ads, and it’s a really interesting episode and Bill's a cool guy. So thanks for tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

Topics We Discuss:

The mindset challenges involved with freelancing and clients

The pros and cons of focusing on a niche market

Creating a repeatable and recurring business model to streamline your work

Building Websites and running ads through Facebook and Google

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