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EP57-How To Create A Superstar Virtual Assistant Business with Hannah Dixon

Season 1, Ep. 57

Welcome to another episode of the Digital Nomad Cafe Podcast.

Today’s guest is Hannah Dixon. Hannah is a Virtual Assistant Coach, Matchmaker, and Founder of one of the largest and longest-running VA training platforms, Digital Nomad Kit. She’s trained over 12,000 VAs who go on to work with top entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Hannah focuses on creating standards of excellence in the remote workspace with regards to ethical pay, diversity, and creating meaningful communities. This has elevated her position as the go-to person for hiring ethically and intelligently. After 13 years of continuous travel, she’s a staple in the digital nomad scene and has been featured in Forbes, The James Altucher Report, iNews, Thrive Global, DNX, and numerous other media outlets and stages on travel and entrepreneurship. You can usually find Hannah in a hammock ‘window shopping’ for tech she doesn’t need. 

If you want to learn how to become a successful Virtual Assistant then this is the episode for you!

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Learn how to become a happy, well-paid Virtual Assistant by using these methods.

Topics we discuss:

  • How to Become A VA
  • Using Transferrable skills to start online
  • The freedom of running your own business.
  • How to get clients
  • How to stand out
  • Using Facebook groups to get business

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Season 1, Ep. 56
Welcome to another episode of theDigital Nomad Cafe Podcast. If this is your first time joining then, welcome. This podcast is for digital entrepreneurs carving out their slice of the online economy. To download my free guide on starting a business online, head over to's guest is Sondre Rasch, co-founder, and CEO of SafetyWing. Sondre was previously the founder of SuperSlide (YC W16) and policy advisor for the Government of Norway. He spent his time in the government improving the social safety net there and now spends his time bringing the ideal social safety net to the rest of the world. SafetyWing offers travel, medical, and health insurance to nomads and remote companies around the world. Sondre and his team are innovators in the digital nomad space, offering global insurance to remote workers.Topics we discuss:How Safetywing got started?What strategies did Sondre use to grow his business?How Sondre operates his business with fully remote and distributed teamwork.How Sondre kept his teamwork motivated and inspired by the vision of the business during covid.What is the meaning of "the global social safety net."How Safetywing works on a global scale?We talk about his new product: Remote Health.What does a country on the internet mean?What does Sondre think is valuable information for somebody who wants to land a remote job?Thank you for joining us in today’s episode. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and give us a Review on iTunes & a Follow on Spotify.Digitalnomadcafe.comfor more episodes.