Creative Conversations for the Soul


Vulnerability, compassion and our creative blockers with Michaela Thomas

Season 1, Ep. 6

Vulnerability, compassion and creative blocks are certainly three areas where I need to spend a bit of time reflecting at the moment, and joining me to do this is the incredible Michaela Thomas, a clinical psychologist, couples therapist, speaker and author. 

As a compassion-focused therapist, Michaela has a special interest in perfectionism with the matra “balance over burnout”. She helps busy, stressed people let go of the pressure of perfection so they can follow their ambition, without drowning in it. 

In this episode, Michaela walks me through how to practise giving and receiving compassion, how movement can get creativity flowing, as well as her advice and motivations for writing and creating your own inner mentor. 

This conversation was exactly what I needed - this really is the good stuff! So I hope you can take a lot from it too. 

You can find more of Michaela’s genius at connect with her on Instagram @the_thomas_connection as well as on her podcast Pause, Purpose, Play with Michaela Thomas. 

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