Creative Conversations for the Soul


The joy of eating with Dr Mehlaqa Khan

Season 1, Ep. 8


Welcome back to Creative Conversations for the Soul!


Today I am speaking to a fellow wordsmith and all-round wonderful human, Dr Mehlaqa Khan. 


Mehlaqa is a qualified nutritionist, founder of The Gum Guide and writer of stunning food stories. In this conversation, we’re talking all about the joy of eating and the role that food plays in our memories, our culture and our creativity. 


Mehlaqa and I share a real passion for food, its power to bring people together, and all it represents with recipes and memories of meals providing a source of inspiration in Mehlaqa’s beautiful writing. 


So join us for this delicious conversation as look at how food can nourish our creativity.


You can find Mehlaqa’s delicious recipes and writing @drmehlaqa on Instagram and on her website and The Gum Guide.

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