Creative Conversations for the Soul


Uncovering the purpose of your creativity and art with Lydia Reeves

Season 1, Ep. 4

Today I’m speaking to the incredible Lydia Reeves, a female body cast artist on a mission to help women celebrate their incredible bodies, and eradicate any shame, embarrassment or negative thoughts they’ve encountered in their lives. 

After creating casts of her own body helped Lydia move towards self-acceptance, she wanted to help others with their healing process to feel comfortable and empowered by their bodies. Her beautiful artwork breaks down taboos and gives a platform to celebrate our uniqueness and individuality.  

In this episode, we share our personal experiences with body image & self-love and Lydia shares how her experiences have bought such a strong sense of purpose to her work and creativity. 

This conversation really meant a lot to me, so I hope you can take a lot from it too, it’s pretty special! 

You can find Lydia’s amazing work at where you can also preorder a copy of her book The Vulva Diversity and connect with her on Instagram @lydiareeves_artist

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