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Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold

All Tangent Wednesday

Dave and the crew ring in the new year with a special Wednesday edition of Cooking Issues. 

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  • No Tangent Tuesday: MMMMHOPS!

    Tune in to a fun No Tangent Tuesday as Dave and the crew talk everything from yogurt gelato to the 1997 MTV Music Video Awards.
  • Chef Andy Ricker

    Chef Andy Ricker, the chef who founded the Pok Pot Restaurants and specializes in Northern Thai cuisine, joins this weeks episode of Cooking Issues.

    Dr. Arielle Johnson celebrates the release of her book, Flavorama: A Guide to Unlocking the Art and Science of Flavor, this week on Cooking Issues.
  • No Tangent Tuesday: Breakin' Beans

    From Zuni roasted chicken to the sadness of a beautiful bean broken apart, join Dave and the team on another jam-packed edition of No Tangent Tuesday on Cooking Issues.
  • No Tangent Tuesday with Dr. Arielle Johnson

    Tune in as the crew talks everything from Shakshouka to bad truffle oil as Dr. Arielle Johnson joins the show for another No Tangent Tuesday
  • Salmon Issues with Michael Fabbro and Saif Khawaja

    Michael Fabbro and Saif Khawaja of Local Coho, an American salmon company raising premium Coho salmon, join the show to talk about killing fish, growing fish and aquaculture. 
  • Andre Mack

    Andre Mack, sommelier and winemaker, is this week's guest on Cooking Issues.
  • Michael Capoferri of Thunderbolt LA

    Michael Capoferri of Thunderbolt LA joins the show to talk drinks on this week's episode of Cooking Issues.