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  • 7. Finding your Tribe with Megan Bozzuto

    Have you ever felt like you had a touch of Imposter Syndrome? Or even a wholehell of a lot of it? Imposter Syndrome is no joke, it touches a lot of our lives andreally was a “dirty little secret” a lot of us kept deep inside… Some still do.Ummm see above in my little intro paragraph, I still have to put that little voice inits place from time to time.

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  • 8. “Speak” by Monica Perez

    In today's episode, Monica speaks about this. She goes from perfectionism,workaholic lifestyle, bedridden for months to inspiration and coach to many,leading them through their businesses with Faith and Connection!
  • 9. A true testament to overcoming adversity! Trudi Kayser

    Series One: The Ripping Off of the Bandaid!First off, WHOA, I am finally putting these up, which I have been sitting on for a half of a year! Why?!?!The little devils on my shoulders with the “ Who are you?”, “No One will Listen”, “these are not goodenough”... Well, little voice, see ya later, I am chucking up the deuces to you and ripping off the bandaidof Podcasting!Throughout my first 9 episodes, get a look behind the scenes at me figuring my way around,Entrepreneurs from across the USA sharing some of their first moments, secret sauces, and how theyhave navigated life on their own terms.
  • 6. Secrets from a Facebook Strategist Guru~ Toccara Karizma

    In this podcast you're going to hear from one bad ass mamma jamma, Toccara Karizma (come on, even her name is dope!).  Born to serious type A, successful, Entrepreneurs, she had hustling and determination pumping through her veins since a baby! With a degree in business economics, fire in her belly and anything is possible constantly whispering in her ear, she has created global success, all while being a single mom of two.  Toccara has straddled realities, physical and mental, to create a life on her own terms, to be who she always knew she was destined to be!
  • 5. If at first you don’t succeed, Try, Try again with Sloane Kini

    In this podcast you're going to hear from one of my favorite people (I personally know) on this planet, Sloane Kini.  When she was 16 years old, giving birth to her first child, she made a promise to newborn son, to never give up on her own dreams, so that she could show him that anything was possible!   She did not have positive examples around her, she was not sure how or what she was going to do, and she went on to see many obstacles.  But she did it!  And still is, she has kept her promise to that brand new baby who is now in his early 20’s.  Sloane is a true testament to hustle, perseverance and creating a life on her own terms!My guest today, Sloane Kini is a MOM, Believer, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Actress and Day Dream Slayer, Bad Ass Woman and a truly incredible soul.  She has created, launched and ran many businesses in her life, (with multiple commas), she has inspired many from in front of the room, running teams and one on one, and stayed a down to earth, approachable human with a vast knowledge from the techie to the whoo whoo.   Sloane has created a life on her own terms, she is a pioneer and a muse for so many!
  • 4. Don’t wait, Go do the “thing” with Damon Burton

    I am stoked about this next guest, Damon Burton, a man who has taken many leaps, said yes, dove into the unknown, literally before people really understood the internet, and made a life on his own terms.  A lifelong “doer” he learned early to be creative with his time while prioritizing what matters most and maximizing his efforts.My guest today, Damon Burton is a Husband, a Father, Author, Speaker, and SEO Guru.  Over a decade ago he beat a billion-dollar company by outranking their website on Google. Since then, he knew he was onto something and has gone on to build an international search engine marketing company that’s worked with NBA teams, and Inc 5000 & Shark Tank featured businesses.  All this and more, with authenticity, humbleness, and kindness that you can’t help but like this guy!
  • 3. NFL to Broke to International Coach/Speaker, a story of Marques Ogden

    In this episode, I speak with Marques, and how he went from NFL player, Contractor, millionaire, to only $400 in his pockets, and some hard choices to make.  How he persevered, (a core value his father (as a single dad) taught home while growing up,and what he does today to help others, move forward and persevere too!!My guest today, Marques Ogden, is an author, International Speaker, Coach, and Course Creator. Marques leads corporations, leaders and entrepreneurs to elevate their success to the next level.He does this from the front of a stage, through workshops and his online course and groups.What you’ll learn from this episode:Marquess’ inspiring story!Marques’s 3 Facets to gain success: Ambition Drive Hard WorkHow he helps his clients and their journey