Confessions of a Digital Nomad


If at first you don’t succeed, Try, Try again with Sloane Kini

Season 1, Ep. 5

In this podcast you're going to hear from one of my favorite people (I personally know) on this planet, Sloane Kini.  When she was 16 years old, giving birth to her first child, she made a promise to newborn son, to never give up on her own dreams, so that she could show him that anything was possible!   She did not have positive examples around her, she was not sure how or what she was going to do, and she went on to see many obstacles.  But she did it!  And still is, she has kept her promise to that brand new baby who is now in his early 20’s.  Sloane is a true testament to hustle, perseverance and creating a life on her own terms!

My guest today, Sloane Kini is a MOM, Believer, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Actress and Day Dream Slayer, Bad Ass Woman and a truly incredible soul.  She has created, launched and ran many businesses in her life, (with multiple commas), she has inspired many from in front of the room, running teams and one on one, and stayed a down to earth, approachable human with a vast knowledge from the techie to the whoo whoo.   Sloane has created a life on her own terms, she is a pioneer and a muse for so many!

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