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Welcome to Brillantes, the podcast with a French accent, which gives a voice to women who move the lines.My name is Jeanne du Sartel and between Zurich, where I live, and Paris where I come from, my goal is to meet the s

#1 - Charlotte von Stotzingen: At the crossroads between art and humanitarian work

Season 1, Ep. 1
For the first episode of Brillantes, I am welcoming Charlotte von Stotzingen.Why?Well, first of all, because Charlotte is one of those personalities that naturally shine… These passionate and fascinating women, whose charisma is beyond dispute. But also because Charlotte von Stotzingen is an entrepreneur at heart. In just a few years, the young woman has managed to create a tailor-made career for herself, at the crossroads between the two worlds that drive her: art and humanitarian aid, between Paris, Zurich and Kenya.After studying business and art history, and a few years of experience in the field, Charlotte decides, with her husband, to drop her comfortable job and start a crazy humanitarian project in Kenya. The goal? To train young people in the remote region of Turkana in ICT, to enable them to work as freelancers.Back in Europe, she launched Thanks for Nothing, a philanthropic association whose aim is to mobilise the world of culture to promote solidarity.Finally, in Zurich, Charlotte has been heading for the past three years the Zurich Art Weekend, which highlights the artistic scene of the Swiss economic capital, just before Art Basel.Together, we talk about the impact that the Covid crisis has had on her activities and her daily life. Charlotte looks back with honesty at each of her projects, from their origin to their financing. We talk about the power of art and the impact it can have on society. Charlotte tells me about the art scene in Zurich, we discuss the role of galleries and the need for democratization.Have a great time listening!xxxTime codes3:30 : Mother Theresa, a “brilliant” women for Charlotte5’22 : The coronavirus crisis, a period of opportunities7’10 : How the art industry reacted to Coronavirus10’50 : The experience of art11’49 : Childhood and Studies13’17 : Art as a passion16’50 : Getting engaged for humanitarian work18’13 : Launching Learning Lions in Turkana, Kenya21’44 : A successful project, winner of the “Google Impact Challenge”25’20 : Bridging the art and humanitarian causes: the creation of “Thanks for Nothing” in Paris27’47 : The first event of Thanks for Nothing, in the Palais de Tokyo (Paris)29’40 : Using the voice of the artists to get people together for important causes32’49 : Launching the Zurich Art Weekend34’37 : The Zurich art scene37’16 : The art market in Switzerland39’19 : Art galleries & democratisation43’15 : Make the art scene accessible all year long44’32 : The challenges of small organisations, between Paris, Zurich and Kenya47’02 : Natural networking & tips49’52 : The challenge of women50’43 : Ending questionsTo follow Charlotte's projects:Zurich Art Weekend (Zurich): for Nothing (Paris) : in Kenya:Learning Lions: up Lions: me grow up Brillantes!If you liked the episode, please share it with as many people as possible, rate it with 5 stars and subscribe to the podcast on your listening platform. This help will be extremely precious to meAnd if you don't want to miss anything that happens on Brillantes, follow Brillantes and her host on social networks!Instagram: du Sartel

#2 - Zineb Hattab, from engineering to haute (vegan) cuisine

Season 1, Ep. 2
Zineb Hattab is one of those women who have had the courage to make a radical career change.After having studied engineering for many years, she got stuck in a job which was too stable and secure for her taste.Zineb - Zizi, as eveyone calls her, left her job a software engineer to become a chef.Fearless, convinced that hard work and determination would take her where she really wanted to be, the young Spanish woman knocked on the doors of the world's greatest chefs. And it worked!Andreas Caminada, Massimo Bottura, Dan Barber or Daniela Sotto Ines, became her mentors.Having worked in starred restaurants all over the world, she returns to her city of adoption, Zurich, and creates the place of her dreams. The Kle Restaurant, an intimate vegan place in the heart of trendy Zurich is born.Together we talk about her path, her choices and about the importance of education. She explains her choice of being vegan and the origins of her cuisine. We talk about the Covid crisis of course and you will hear us discuss the role of women in this still completely male-dominated sector.So for all lovers of fine cuisine wanting to understand its secrets, those who believe in the richness of diversity, or those who also want to also make real career change, plug in your headphones and enjoy...Time codes4:13Zizi’s mother as a brilliant figure05:02 Chefs and the medias06:27 How chefs can educate people07:43 The plant-based choice10:05 From a traditional to a vegan cuisine11:35 The perception of veganism13:50 Adapting to the Covid threat16:00 Creating a team with as many women as men in a male-dominated environment17:51 A catalan childhood, with Moroccan parents19:51 Becoming a software engineer21:14 Falling in love with Switzerland22:37 Shifting from engineering to gastronomy24:17 Money questions and first scares26:01 The first gastronomic experience : with the chef Josean Alija, at Nerua (Spain)27:02 Getting train by her mentor, Andreas Caminda (Schauenstein Castle, Switzerland)29:34 The magic and power of starred restaurants and their chefs31:29 The US experience : with Dan Barber (Blue Hill, NYC) and Daniela Soto-Innes (Cosme, NY), the best female chef in the world32:50 Gastronomy as the less hospitable place to work in35:15 The mission of the chefs36:01 Kitchens, still vey much men dominated37:01 Women should empower women, always!39:07 Creating her own restaurant, in Zurich40:13 Zurich is becoming a gastronomic hub42:21 The Kle Restaurant as a dining room with a mix of cultures45:44 Local producers46:50 Financing the restaurant48’18 The daily life of the chef51’24 Normalising eating plant-based as a goal52’24 Final questionsLinksChefs & mentorsJosean Alija, Nerua (Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain) @joseanalija, www.joseanalija.comAndreas Caminda (Schauenstein Castle, Fürstenaubruck, Switzerland) @andreas_caminada_schauensteinDan Barber (Blue Hill, NYC), @chefdanbaberDaniela Soto-Innes (Cosme, NYC), @danielasotoinnes, @cosmenycKle, @klerestaurantFood Producers for the Kle RestaurantAnimal Sanctuary Hof Narr:www.hof-narr.chFair-trade nuts supplier: Gebana: www.gebana.comChocolate supplier: Felchlin: www.felchlin.comHelp me grow up Brillantes!If you liked the episode, please share it with as many people as possible, rate it with 5 stars and subscribe to the podcast on your listening platform. This help will be extremely precious to meAnd if you don't want to miss anything that happens on Brillantes, follow Brillantes and her host on social networks!Instagram: du Sartel

#3 - Wies Bratby, Negotiation as a weapon for women

Season 1, Ep. 3
Wies Bratby, my guest this week, is fighting every day for more female recognition in the workplace. Her choice of weapon? The art of negotiation.For several years now, she has been helping women like you and me to gain recognition in the workplace and on the job market, whether it’s for a higher position or salary. The studies are telling: although women tend to be excellent negotiators for their surroundings or company, they don't fight enough for their own interests. And yet... without negotiation, the wage gap widens, the glass ceiling cannot be broken and motivation at work declines.You will hear Wies reflect on her childhood and how a passion for negotiation led her from the largest law firm in her country to head of HR in a global company in Hong Kong. She also tells me what drove her to set up her own firm, Women in Negotiation (WIN).But the essential part of this rather exceptional episode is centred on the ‘why’ and how-tos of negotiation (from the 23rd minute). You'll find tips and tricks, the essential checklist before landing in your boss’s office, or before setting the price of your product. The Dutch native also explains the strength of crafting and tapping into your network and the community.Whether you are just starting your career or you already have high responsibilities, whether you are unemployed, building a business from scratch or already running a successful startup, you should all be hanging on her every word!Time codes03:36 Surrounded by sparkling women05:52 The need for flexibility in the work place as one of the main learning from the Covid crisis07:55 Successfully working together with her husband08:51 Being raised in a tiny village in the Netherlands09:34 Advocating for others: a life-long passion, leading to negotiation11:21 Starting her career in a big law firm from the Netherlands12:55 Starting her career without negotiating: or how to become her first client15:52 Moving to Hong-Kong and shifting to HR17:44 The cultural fit as the main success indicator19:05 Helping people do their best work and making them shine through HR21:29 Launching negotiation trainings inside her company23:11 The global difficulty for women to negotiate24:43 Why are women naturally better negotiators than men…26:16 … but negotiation on their own behalf goes against their education27:45 The need to work on internal self-estime28:30 “It costs a company between 100% and 400% of someone’s annual salary to replace that person”30:21 Valuing the people, or how to unleash motivation, passion and good work32:56 Negotiating requires hard work34:46 Quick and dirty tips for your negotiation : Prepare properly and aim high37:22 The difference between being a negotiator or not in financial terms38:40 Helping startups set up the right (and high!) prices - because price and value are connected in people’s mind41:04 Your customers become a ton more of fun the more you charge!42:36 The gender inequality for startups and fund-raising44:12 Breaking gender biaises through education48:13 Connecting people and ideas, all over the world49:40 Creating a “old girls network”, and pear support through the Lean In organisation51:49 “We are stronger together”53:18 Final questionsInteresting links and referencesSocial mediasOn Linkedin account: instagramHer account: account: websitesHer company Women in Negociation : in Switzerland: that shifted her way to think: Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In (2011), by Roger FisherThe women she would like to hear in a Brillantes episode : Fungai Mettler me grow up Brillantes!If you liked the episode, please share it with as many people as possible, rate it with 5 stars and subscribe to the podcast on your listening platform. This help will be extremely precious to meFind all the links to listen to the episodes here: follow Brillantes and her host on social networks!Instagram: du Sartel :

#4 - Sophia Singh - Clean beauty as a mantra

Season 1, Ep. 4
Sophia Singh, a professional Swiss make-up artist of Indian origin, has been working in all the big European capitals, lending her services to the most famous fashion shows and magazines.In Zurich she constantly engages herself in new projects, including ads, shoots or magazines.Just one year ago, Sophia started her own business. The Beauty Kollective, her online shop dedicated to clean, non-toxic green beauty, is becoming increasingly successful.In the first part of the interview (08:14 - 23:55) Sophia tells me about her job as a make-up artist. She makes me understand why make-up is art by talking about her techniques and inspirations.We talk about beauty, trying to define it and understanding its conception and evolution. Finally, we refer to the power of the network and to women's mutual support that exists in this sector.From 26:55 on, we talk about entrepreneurship and she explains what led her to create the Beauty Kollective. Sophia describes all the steps she took to create her company, explains her achievements, but also her challenges and difficulties. From administration to marketing, she demystifies the process of creating such a business and tells me about her future plans.To all those who want to be inspired by Sofia's incredible work ethos and her confidence in the future, all those who want to discover a new universe or to create their own project, I invite you to dive into this discussion.TIME CODES3:45 Being surrounding by sparkling women05:06 Questioning the value of your job06:08 A Swiss and Indian childhoodBeing a makeup artist08:14 Becoming a makeup artist: a dream since ever10:02 The definition and evolution of beauty13:15 Make up vs feminism?15:12 Make up as an art17:45 From Berlin to London: the start of her make up artist career19:45 Establishing her name in the competitive fashion industry22:50 The most inspiring fashion show, by Manish Arora23:55 The importance of network and sororityThe beauty Kollective26:55 The need for cruelty-free, vegan and green beauty28:55 Creating the Beauty Kollective and finding the right partner32:26 Financing an online shop with little money34:52 Selecting the clean and sustainable products for “basic” consumers and makeup artists36:55 Investing in marketing: tips and learnings after one year38:43 Challenges and learnings after one year40:42 Collaborating with the Zurich NGO “Nuy Food With Plastic”41:44 Dreaming of a refill beauty shop42:21 Final Questions: scares, inspirations, organisation and beauty tips.INTERESTING LINKS AND REFERENCESTo follow Sophia:Website: www.sophiasingh.comRepresented by: @stylecouncilagencyOn Instagram: follow the Beauty KollectiveWebsite: www.thebeautykollective.comInstagram: and people Sophia is talking about:Beauty professionalsFounder of Abhati Suisse : Anju Rupol, www.abhatisuisse.comFashion Show: Manish Arora, Burning Man Project, 2018 up artist : Kabuki: food with plastic : ME GROW BRILLANTES!If you liked the episode, please share it with minimum two other people, rate it with 5 stars and subscribe to the podcast on your listening platform. This help is extremely precious to me.Find all the links to listen to the episodes here : follow Brillantes and her host on social networks!Instagram : :Jeanne du Sartel : : :

#5 - Philippine Delouvrier 🇬🇧 - The lesson of optimism (English Version)

Season 1, Ep. 5
Four years ago, Philippine Delouvrier founded in London Escape & Co., an event and communication agency, centred around the themes that drives her: gastronomy, art and travel. Since then, the Parisian lives in Zurich, and creates events of all kinds in almost all the capitals of Europe. Whether they take place in Milan, Barcelona, Geneva, Paris, London or Zurich, all are stamped with her good taste.Her social networks are full of ideas for charming restaurants and hotels. The latest project of the young mother? The launch of a collection of "Mum of ..." T-shirts featuring mothers from all those cities that Philippine knows like the back of her hand.I was already impressed by her hard work and what she had developed on her very own. When I met her, one sunny morning in July, I got amazed by her positivism, her energy and her open-mindedness.In this discussion, we talk about business of course, she explains her career path and what led this former employee to entrepreneurship. Philippine explains me her successes as well as her fears. We also talk about family, couples, her life as an Expat’ that she wouldn't leave for anything in the world, and the place of women in our society.Do you want to also create your own company and build an international network? Or are you interested in the event and communication business or just wish to fill up with positive energy? This episode is for you!Time codes03:40 Being surrounded with brilliant women04:50 Going thought the Covid crisis as a young mother and entrepreneur07:50 A Parisian childhood, turned toward art and culture09:34 Art vs Economics: choosing the rational path for her studies11:23 Starting her experience abroad in Argentina12:55 Taking the best out of failures15:23 “Discovering the world through people” : a year of Master at ESADE, in Barcelona19:06 Becoming the perfect expat21:37 Settling up in Zurich22:56 Starting as a consultant at EY25:09 Turning to a more creative industry, in the Marketing Department of Swarovski27:48 Making the decision to move for a couple where both are working29:05 A manager pushes you to get the best out of yourselfEntrepreneurial experience: the creation of Escape & Co29:54 Starting with the organisation of “experiences” for friends and family and writing a food and travel blog32:27 Living with financial uncertainty - but optimism34:57 Finding the first client in Barcelona: the power of believing in yourself38:45 Organising events all over Europe40:00 Diversifying activities, with three obsessions: gastronomy, art and travels42:35 Launching the “Mum of (Zurich, Paris, Milano …) T-shirt collection43:41 Keeping up motivation and creativity45:06 Sorority, feminism, and the role of women in the society48:20 Setting up your prices as an entrepreneur49’27 Entrepreneurship : freedom, proudness and hard work51’44 Final QuestionsInteresting links and referencesTo follow Philippine :LinkedIn: follow Escape & Co.Website: Escape & Co. (Travel & T-shirts): // Agency: me grow up Brillantes!If you liked the episode, please share it with as many people as possible, rate it with 5 stars and subscribe to the podcast on your listening platform. This help will be extremely precious to meFind all the links to listen to the episodes here: follow Brillantes and her host on social networks!Instagram: du Sartel :

#5 - Philippine Delouvrier 🇫🇷 - Entreprendre avec le sourire

Season 1, Ep. 5
Il y a 4 ans, Philippine Delouvrier créait Escape & Co., une agence d’évènementiel et de communication, centrée autour des trois thèmes qui la font vibrer: la gastronomie, l’art et les voyages. Depuis, la parisienne habite Zurich, et crée des évènements de toutes sortes, dans presque toutes les capitales d’Europe. Qu’ils aient lieu à Milan, Barcelone, Genève, Paris, Londres ou Zurich, tous sont marqués au fer rouge par son bon goût.Ses réseaux sociaux regorgent de bons plans, pour restaurants ou hôtels de charme. Son dernier projet? Le lancement d’une collection de tee-shirts “Mum of …” mettant en avant les mamans de toutes ces villes que Philippine connait sur le bout des doigts.J’étais déjà impressionnée par sa force de travail et l’univers qu’elle avait développé, seule. En la rencontrant, un matin de juillet, j’ai été bluffée par son positivisme, son énergie, son ouverture d’esprit.Dans cette discussion, nous parlons business bien sur, elle m’explique son parcours et ce qui a mené cette ancienne salariée épanouie à l’entrepreneuriat. Philippine m’explique ses succès, ses peurs et ses angoisses. Nous parlons aussi de famille, de couple, de sa vie d’expatriée qu’elle ne quitterait pour rien au monde, puis de la place des femmes dans notre société.Alors, pour tous ceux qui veulent à leur tour créer leur propre entreprise, se construire un réseau à l’international comprendre tous les dessous de l’évènementiel et de la communication, ou simplement faire le plein d’énergie positive, cet épisode est pour vous!Time Codes03:55 Etre entourée de femmes brillantes04:30 Entre confinement, naissance et business07:38 Une enfance heureuse et parisienne10:00 Entre Art et Business, mon coeur balance13:07 Un master à Barcelone…15:40 … et le début d’une vie à l’international18:14 Les débuts zurichois19:40 Couple, travail et déménagements21:50 L’avantage de commencer en conseil chez Ernst & Young24:49 Trouver de la créativité chez SwarovskiL’expérience entrepreneuriale27:33 Se lancer dans l’entrepreneuriat, depuis Londres29:13 L’agence d’évènementiel et de communication Escape&Co31:24 L’importance de la gastronomie33:50 Créer des expériences sur mesure35:33 Créer des événements partout, grâce à un solide réseau à travers l’Europe38:32 Entreprendre avec optimisme, malgré les difficultés41:13 Entre sororité et féminisme 43:49 Questions de finInteresting links and referencesTo follow Philippine :LinkedIn: follow Escape & Co. Website: Escape & Co. (Voyages & T-shirts): //Agence: moi à faire grandir Brillantes!Si l’épisode vous a plu, aidez-moi en le partageant le à deux personnes minimum autour de vous. Si possible, notez le avec 5 étoiles sur Apple Podcast et glissez-y un gentil commentaire. Abonnez-vous enfin à Brillantes sur vos plateformes d’écoute préférées! Votre aide est extrêmement précieuse.Retrouvez tous les liens vers les Brillantes ici: suivez Brillantes et sa fondatrice sur les réseaux sociaux!Instagram: du Sartel :