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  • 12. The Real Aries of Bravo (Mercury Retrograde Edition)

    Mercury retrograde + Aries season + eclipse season = A total s*&$ show!Scorpio Queen Heddie Hall is back and we're jumping right into this chaotic astrological period. Find out what this Mercury Retrograde and and eclipse season have in store, as well as the fiery energy this Aries season is igniting (maybe this explains why Lala Kent is acting a complete fool and hating on Ariana every moment she finds?!). Of course it wouldn't be Bravo Therapy without connecting our talk about the stars to the stars of BravoTV. We'll be highlighting some of our favorite Aries Bravolebs and diving into their charts.Our Mental Health Check In is all about helping to ground us amidst the turmoil of this astrological season.The Bravo Breakdown is all about the exhaustion from this season of Real Housewives of Potomac and Vanderpump Rules, and the breath of fresh air of Summer House and Summer House Martha's Vineyard.Timestamps for the BABs:03:11 - Navigating the Chaos of Mercury Retrograde15:59 - Mental Health Check-In32:08 - Bravo Breakdown1:05:00 - Exploring Aries Season and Aries Traits1:09:28 - The Real Aries of BravoReferences in this episode:Book: The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTokSHARE YOUR BRAVO STORY AND QUESTIONS: Submit your "Bravo Therapy Session" stories to

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  • 11. BAB Behavior vs Bad Behavior: Celebrating and Side Eyeing the Women of Bravo

    Hey Babs! This episode is for the girlies as we celebrate Women's History Month by exploring what it means to be a BAB and highlighting the women of our current favorite Bravo (and Bravo adjacent) shows that embody BAB behavior, while also calling out those exhibiting more bad behavior (that's just like, totally against the rules of Gretchen Wieners would say). Join me on this solo episode for the ultimate Bravo Breakdown of the women making history and making waves on Vanderpump Rules, Real Housewives of Potomac, Buying Beverly Hills, and Summer House.But before we dive into the drama, we kick things off with a mental health breakdown, delving into the fiery energy of Aries season and the importance of recognizing burnout and processing emotions. This episode is absolutely unhinged, so strap in for a wild and fun reality tv ride!Timestamps for the BABs:00:05:30 - Mental Health Check-In: Recognizing Signs of Burnout and Avoiding Emotions00:19:06 - BAB Behavior vs. Bad Behavior: Vanderpump Rules01:14:22 - BAB Behavior vs. Bad Behavior: Real Housewives of Potomac01:31:06 - BAB Behavior vs. Bad Behavior: Buying Beverly Hills01:41:46 - BAB Behavior vs. Bad Behavior: Summer HouseFOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTokSHARE YOUR BRAVO STORY AND QUESTIONS: Submit your "Bravo Therapy Session" stories to
  • 10. The Real Pisces of Bravo

    Guess who's back? Back again. Heddie's back. Tell a friend!Yes, BABs, Heddie Hall is back, and you know what that means: all things astrology and Bravo and healing...oh my! All the good sh*t in one episode. This time we're talking all things Pisces season, the final sign of the astrological calendar and one that has us in all of our feels.Come join us for an incredibly insightful episode, where Heddie reads my Pisces son's chart and I come to so many wild realizations on how our charts reveal our communication patterns. We'll also, of course, get into some of our favorite Pisces Bravolebs and explore their charts and how they reflect in what we see of them on screen.This episode's Mental Health Check-In is all about slowing down and refueling, which is totally on brand for Pisces season.The Bravo Breakdown of the episode looks at the complete chaos of the Bravoverse right now, from the lawsuits to the breakups, to the housewives who need to be put on pause.Timestamps for the BABs:5:30 - Mental Health Check-In 38:11 - Bravo Breakdown: Lawsuits and Drama45:19 - Pisces Season: Emotional Introspection01:09:03 - The Real Pisces of Bravo01:32:26 - The Bravo, Bravo, F*ing Bravo and Rawt in Hell of the weekFOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTokSHARE YOUR BRAVO STORY AND QUESTIONS: Submit your "Bravo Therapy Session" stories to
  • 9. Bravo Black History

    This week is a solo episode! That's right, it's just me and you BABs! Black History Month may officially be over, but celebrating Black culture, stories, and history is much more than a month or a moment. What the celebratory month represents, honors, and teaches, resonates 365 days a year. So, to keep the celebration going, this episode is dedicated to highlighting and uplifting beautiful reflections of Black culture, history, and reality on some of our favorite BravoTV shows. We're talking Married to Medicine, Summer House Martha's Vineyard, Guerdy and Kiki from Real Housewives of Miami, Ciara and Mya from Summer House, and so much more.This episode's Mental Health Check In is all about gratitude for community and the power of hitting the reset button.Our Bravo Breakdown dives into this week's uncomfortable Summer House episode, where Lindsey makes some damaging accusations about Carl. We also talk about Danielle's appearance on WWHL and her shocking revelation about her relationship with Southern Hospitaliy's Joe Bradley.Timestamps for the BABs:09:50 - Mental Health Check In36:19 - Bravo Breakdown56:22 - The History of Lo's Black Experience01:06:00 - Relatable reflections of Black experiences on BravoFOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTokSHARE YOUR BRAVO STORY AND QUESTIONS: Submit your "Bravo Therapy Session" stories to
  • 8. Bravo Baes, Love Grinches, and Self Love Island

    Love is in the air and we don't f'ing care...ok, just kidding, but Michael and I are just two single BABs trying to navigate the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce PDA of it all.In this episode Michael and I delved into our messy dating histories, discuss our favorite Bravo TV couples, and shared our thoughts on Valentine's Day. We'll explore the impact of reality TV on our personal growth and self-discovery, while also playing some fun Bravo dating games like: Marry, F, Banish (with the worst men of Bravo), Which Bravoleb Would You Bone, Favorite Bravo Couples, and more!Our mental health check in is all about the importance of self love and I get triggered by Tom Sandoval (yet again) in our Bravo Breakdown. And don't worry, we're definitely going to get into the Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan of it all, because WTF?! And I may have accidentally admitted I have more in common with Larsa than I'd want to admit. Make sure you listen to the end because I've added a fun new segment you won't want to miss!Some themes in this episode are: self love, accountability, Complex-PTSD, narcissism, and healing from relationships.This super-sized episode is all love and all laughs, so get ready to get real and spill the realiTEA!Timestamps for the BABs:03:00 - Mental Health Check-In (self love)24:57 - Bravo Breakdown: Vanderpump Rules and narcissism43:19 - Lo and Michael get candid about their love lives and dating trauma01:17:38 - Bravo Dating GamesImportant references in this episode:Moon OmensMore about narcissismLee Hammock: Mental HealnessEnergy givers vs. energy takersBook Recommendation: Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help YouFind - and Keep - Love Book Recommendation: Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving: A Guide and Map for Recovering from Childhood TraumaFOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTokSHARE YOUR BRAVO STORY AND QUESTIONS: Submit your "Bravo Therapy Session" stories to
  • 7. The Real Aquarians of Bravo: They're Gone With The Wind Fabulous

    It's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and you know what that means...our resident astrology aficionado BAB Heddie Hall is back and joining me to dive into the deep waters of Aquarius season and the transformative energy it brings.As usual, we'll start off with a mental health check-in and this week we're focusing on releasing control, fear of rejection, and the importance of setting boundaries. I'll give a helpful mental wellness hack and premier our first ever Bravo Affirmation of the Week, inspired by Katie Maloney and the new season of Vanderpump Rules.Speaking of VPR, our Bravo Breakdown of the week is sponsored by the back alley of SUR, as I rant and rave about season 11, Ariana Madix's Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago, and Tom Sandoval's dumpster-fire appearance on Nick Viall's podcast, which further proves he's still a worm, even without the mustache.You won't want to miss Heddie's in-depth look into the traits of Aquarius, the wild astrological forecast that lies ahead, and the amazing squad of Bravoleb Aquarians we're exploring!Join us on a journey filled with self-reflection, growth, and of course, plenty of Bravo drama.Timestamps for the BABs:00:01:00 - Mental health check-in and the importance of listening to our bodies 00:09:20 - This week's Bravo affirmation and the power of setting boundaries00:13:17 - Bravo Mental Breakdown of the week: Vanderpump Rules00:30:48 - Deep dive into Aquarius season00:46:13 - Astrological forecast: the transformative power of Pluto in Aquarius00:57:00 - Heddie and Lo dissect their favorite Aquarius BravolebsImportant references in this episode:Ghost of a PodcastCardinal, Fixed and Mutable SignsInner Child WorkInner Child MeditationFOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTokSHARE YOUR BRAVO STORY AND QUESTIONS: Submit your "Bravo Therapy Session" stories to
  • 6. Monica Garcia of RHOSLC: Villain, Victim, or Vigilante?

    Villain, Victim or Vigilante?...That's the question Michael and I explore in this episode. Not only as it relates to Monica, but the entire cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4.We're breaking down both the season and the reunion of RHOSLC and asking if Monica's punishment matches the crime. We'll also do a deeper dive into Monica Garcia: her story, her trauma, her projection and how she did more in one season of a housewives franchise than most Bravo TV housewives do in 10 seasons. Overall, this episode of Bravo Therapy provides a deep dive into the complexities of this season of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" and highlights the importance of compassion and self-reflection in navigating reality TV and personal growth.Recorded on a full moon and after the intense finale RHOSLC reunion episode, this one's an emotional roller coaster.Timestamps for the BABs:00:04:46 - Mental health check-in00:19:36 - Bravo Breakdown: Discussion of Kyle Richards and Stassi Schroeder on Jeff Lewis Live00:36:01 - Overall thoughts on Season 4 of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and the reunion00:38:11 - Lisa Barlow needs to be thrown away in a manger00:43:57 - Heather Gay's de-evolution00:49:27 - Monica's mistreatment and the double standards in the cast's reactions00:54:43 - Emotional exhaustion after watching the reunion and holding space for MonicaImportant references in this episode:Understanding the Mother WoundBook recommendation to learn more about Parts Work: No Bad Parts: Healing Trauma and Restoring Wholeness with the Internal Family Systems Model Choice TheoryHeather comparing giving Jen Shah more grace than Monica Garcia on WWHL with Andy CohenWhat the hell is the DSM?FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram and TikTokSHARE YOUR BRAVO STORY AND QUESTIONS: Submit your "Bravo Therapy Session" stories to