Boo It's Brocarde


Ghosted By A Ghost

Season 1, Ep. 3

Here we are at episode number three of Boo It's Brocarde, three times a charm, and Brocarde is definitely on the offensive!

In the last episode Brocarde unearthed her paranormal relationship and shared tales of her dalliances with the dark side. Brocarde struggled to see the purpose of Edwardo's visits so wanted to shout about her spooky encounters and share them with the world. But Brocarde's kiss and tell, almost took her to hell, she shares the heart shopping moment when her sharing almost stopped Edwardo from caring and their burning flames almost blew out for good.

Brocarde is still perplexed by Edwardo's visits and is desperately trying to unearth the meaning behind it all but after being ghost she was left wondering....Did Edwardo have more to say? Or was he done and dusted? All will be revealed soon on Boo It’s Brocarde. 

To find out more about Brocarde visit , her single "Haunted" written for Edwardo is now available on all streaming sites.

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