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  • 9. Don't Mention The M Word

    On Episode 9 of Boo It's Brocarde, Brocarde shares details of how an unexpected wedding guest derailed her wedding night and left a sour taste in her mouth.Brocarde's single "Haunted" is out now.For more information on Brocarde visit or

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  • 8. The Day I Married A Ghost

    On Episode 8 of Boo It's Brocarde, Brocarde looks back on her wedding day and shares how her ghost fiancé Edwardo made an infamous appearance on live TV when she appeared on ITV's This Morning. Edwardo snuck up on Brocarde while she was on the This Morning sofa to give her a loving embrace and spooked Holly Willoughby. Moments later Brocarde was walking down the aisle to say her vows to Edwardo, by resighting lyrics from her song "Haunted."To see Brocarde's wedding video visit or
  • 7. Wedding Planning With A Partially Present Ghost Groom

    In Episode 7 Brocarde finds herself engaged to a ghost after bonfire night ends with a bang and sparks fly between her and Edwardo. Wedding planning with a partially present groom, I mean what could possibly go wrong? Brocarde discusses her epic hunt for a priest and the idyllic venue, and shares how Edwardo helped her design her own wedding dress. This Episode explores the run up to the Brocarde's notorious spiritual wedding and touches on her fears of being left at the alter, even though her groom already had cold feet!
  • 6. Edwardo's Proposal

    In episode 6…. 6…. 6 we find out if Brocarde managed to woo back Edwardo with her epic night of romance and she shares a proposal from beyond the grave. After Brocarde’s special Halloween evening a few days passed without her hearing from or sensing Edwardo. Then one morning she awoke to find a ring on her pillow, it was digging into the side of her cheek, initially Brocarde felt like she’s been stung by a bee but when she touched her face, bleary eyed she felt the stone and ring band, she thought she was dreaming and fell back asleep.But was this Edwardo’s way of proposing? And did Brocarde say YES? All will be revealed in this episode of Boo It’s Brocarde. To find out more about Brocarde, visit 
  • 5. Edwardo's Song "Haunted"

    On episode 5 of Boo It's Brocarde, Brocarde shares how she wooed, wined and dined her lover and won her way back into his affected after being ghosted by a ghost. On the night of Halloween, Brocarde grabbed her songwriting book and penned a homage to Edwardo, she covered the room in hundreds of rose petals, lit dozens of candles and spend hours slaving over a hot stove to create a banquet that even Nigella would have been envious of. The song had Edwardo’s approval, so she felt permitted to share it with the world. Brocarde named it “Haunted” as that what I was, well and truly Haunted. The song is available to stream and download now. For more info visit
  • 4. The Pros & Cons of Dating a Ghost

    Brocarde reveals the pros and cons of dating a ghost. Since publicly declaring her love for beau Edwardo, Brocarde has been inundated with questions from curious observers. In this episode Brocarde proclaims that her ghost lover is a cheap date and explains how dating a ghost means you get extra ice cream and the whole bottle of wine to yourself at dinner!In a departure from normal dating protocol Edwardo comes and goes as he pleases, never texts back and never buys Brocarde birthday presents. Doesn't sound much fun, does it?! Listen to hear more...You can find out more about Brocarde at
  • 3. Ghosted By A Ghost

    Here we are at episode number three of Boo It's Brocarde, three times a charm, and Brocarde is definitely on the offensive!In the last episode Brocarde unearthed her paranormal relationship and shared tales of her dalliances with the dark side. Brocarde struggled to see the purpose of Edwardo's visits so wanted to shout about her spooky encounters and share them with the world. But Brocarde's kiss and tell, almost took her to hell, she shares the heart shopping moment when her sharing almost stopped Edwardo from caring and their burning flames almost blew out for good. Brocarde is still perplexed by Edwardo's visits and is desperately trying to unearth the meaning behind it all but after being ghost she was left wondering....Did Edwardo have more to say? Or was he done and dusted? All will be revealed soon on Boo It’s Brocarde. To find out more about Brocarde visit , her single "Haunted" written for Edwardo is now available on all streaming sites.