Boo It's Brocarde


Edwardo's Proposal

Season 1, Ep. 6

In episode 6…. 6…. 6 we find out if Brocarde managed to woo back Edwardo with her epic night of romance and she shares a proposal from beyond the grave. 

After Brocarde’s special Halloween evening a few days passed without her hearing from or sensing Edwardo. Then one morning she awoke to find a ring on her pillow, it was digging into the side of her cheek, initially Brocarde felt like she’s been stung by a bee but when she touched her face, bleary eyed she felt the stone and ring band, she thought she was dreaming and fell back asleep.

But was this Edwardo’s way of proposing? And did Brocarde say YES? All will be revealed in this episode of Boo It’s Brocarde. 

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