Boo It's Brocarde

Brocarde presents her brand new podcast Boo It's Brocarde. After a series of unexplained happenings, the paranormal became normal to Brocarde, fuelled by her curious nature and the thrill of exploring without the company of Dora, Brocarde took a leap of faith and is currently dancing with what feels like the devil. For those who are facinated by the weird and wonderful, it's time to question what's para and what's normal and feed your imagination with a dose of Brocarde. An exploration into the world of spirits, without a liquor cabinet in sight. A night cap? a nightmare? or a midnight feast? you decide!

This podcast is best enjoyed in the dark, all alone and by candlelight! BOO! If this wets your appetite show Brocarde some love by visiting her website share, follow, enjoy and let's explore what's out of this world together.


Brocarde is the creator of an enchanting world where dark, haunting aesthetics meet passion-fuelled lyrics and design. Brocarde is a dynamic storyteller who marries both music and fashion in an orchestral explosion, designed to make the ears and eyes bleed. A one-woman horror story, if centuries aligned, Brocarde could almost be the secret lovechild of Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Plath.