Beyond the Gates


Episode 4: Last Orders

Season 1, Ep. 4

Sometimes the best bars are the ones that you find when you’re lost. But for Matt Mcgowan, it is not the appeal of a festive drink nor shelter from the bitter cold which has brought him to this one - it is something far from jovial, as we go beyond the gates….


Script and theme music written, edited and produced by Chad Alexander and Emmelina Gateman. For full credits, to find out more about the show or to get in contact, visit our website: For more audio drama, check out friend of the show Rachel Pulliam’s audio drama network, Sole Twin Audios:




Narrator - Suki Brinton

Matt - Jack Olson

Peters - Chad Alexander

Matt’s Daughter - Katte Noel

Young Matt - London Simpson

Drug Dealer - Douglas Daly

Police Officer #1 - Brian Bradshaw

Police Officer #2 - Jonathan Swenson

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