Beyond the Gates


Episode 1: Postmodern Justice

Season 1, Ep. 1

Episode one of the anthology series Beyond the Gates.

A man on his deathbed reflects on a turbulent life as he says goodbye to his loved ones. But Mr Johnson will soon discover that his journey is not quite over yet. Not by virtue of divine grace, but by the hands of man. Because for Mr Johnson, some sins will not go unpunished, as we journey beyond the gates…

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Disclaimer: This episode may be unsuitable for some younger listeners.

Narrator - Suki Brinton

Christopher - Paul Martin

Tracey - Charlotte Brown

Annabelle - Lia Miko 

Barrister 1 - Hugh Evans 

Stevens - Chad Alexander

Barrister 2 - James Risk

Judge - Paul Warren 

Tyler - Matt Doyle

Patrick - Yñaqui Tuason-Inocian

Witness Care Officer - Naomi Madelin

Prison officer 1 - Zylaar Cross

Prison officer 2 - JD Kelly

Next episode out Friday 14th November 2022

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