Beyond the Gates


Episode 3: The Icon

Season 1, Ep. 3

Disclaimer: This episode contains some violent scenes which may be uncomfortable for some listeners. Any references to real people, organisations or brands are fictional and intended as satire and entertainment.


Tonight’s broadcast will be a controversial one. Regardless of whether or not you agree with it being aired, the decision has been made. It will be a spectacle, but it will also raise some difficult questions: what relationship do you want to have to the things we consume, and what responsibility do you want to take for their production? You can be the change you wish to see, as we go ‘beyond the gates’… 


Script and theme music written, edited and produced by Chad Alexander and Emmelina Gateman. For full credits, to find out more about the show or to get in contact, visit our website: For more audio drama, check friend of the show Rachel Pulliam’s audio drama network, Sole Twin Audios:




Narrator - Suki Brinton

Presenter - Naomi Madeline

Reporter 1 - Matt Doyle

Reporter 2 - Charlotte Brown

Showbiz interviewer - Paul Warren

Actress - Rachel Pulliam

Original Icon - James Risk

Concerned father - Alexander Comley

Cultural critic - Paul Martin

Adelaide’s mother - Danielle Frazer

Adelaide - Eliza Chambers

The Icon - Chad Alexander

Tony - Paul Watt

Jordan - JD Kelly

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