Beyond the Gates


Episode 2: The Ascension

Season 1, Ep. 2

Episode 2 - The Ascension


It is a humid night and General Adrian Inez is an angry man. His power and received admiration has, in his mind alone, been challenged to an unacceptable degree. A preacher claiming to perform miracles has irked the General enough to have him leave his palatial residence. He is about to travel in convoy to the St. Isodore State Church. Armed with his iconic gold pistol, and guarded by a security detail of his men, he is about to go beyond the gates…


Script and theme music written, edited and produced by Chad Alexander and Emmelina Gateman. For full credits, to find out more about the show or to get in contact, visit our website: For more audio drama, check out the Sole Twin Audios Network




Narrator          Suki Brinton

Preacher        Brian Barnshaw

General Inez  Marv Blandon

Captain           Luis Alberto Martin

Assistant        Rachel Pulliam

Security          Douglas Daly

Soldier 1         Chris G

Soldier 2         Callum Taylor

Congregation Annika Gateman, Chad Alexander, Christofer Nolander, Emmelina Gateman, Solbritt Gateman, Nils Gateman

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