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Taking Taino Culture Into Outerspace through the Imagination of Nico Pengin

Ep. 13

Just like nature, inspiration always finds its way. We might think every story has already been told or written, just as we think there is no way a plant would grow in the middle of a concrete wall, but it happens. Nico Pengin, our guest today, is an excellent example of how amazing stories are still to be told. His imagination takes us to outer space, where an alien city/spaceship rescues humans from their dying planet for their own amusement, to play a game called Batey. 

Nico Pengin is a Speculative Fiction Author, Podcast Host, Geekier Gamer, and Creative Content Creator. He has always been a super active kid, getting into all kinds of trouble because he wouldn't stay still. His life changed when one of his mentors suggested that he use that energy to play video games or create something with it. Nico channeled his intense energy, passion for reading, and wild imagination on a book series he is working on called Batey. 

In this episode, we talk about the origins of Nico's book series, his decision to go through the self-publishing path, his passion for gaming, and the importance of receiving support from our loved ones. Nico shared details of his heritage from the Taínos people, a group of Caribbean natives who played the game which inspired the books. We also discuss the importance of gaming, its benefits and it can help develop abilities that will be extremely useful in the workplace. 

Tune in to Episode 13 of A Gamer's Story and join Nico Pengin and me on this inspiring space trip toward imagination. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What type of games do you like to play? (6:34)
  • What drew you to gaming? (12:37)
  • How did you decide on the characters in your comic? (18:15)
  • Do you think that playing video games is helpful in any way or any other aspect of your life? (29:51)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What is the Batey comic book series inspired on (2:51)
  • Regardless of your level of expertise or abilities, you can always have fun in gaming (12:53)
  • About the Taínos culture, which inspired Nico's story (25:57)
  • Some of the benefits gaming can offer to someone's life (32:34)


  • Nico Pengin website
  • Argue Bros - The Podcast
  • Book: Nico Pengin - Batey Descending: Chilly's Story - A damaged girl who is used to looking after herself finds life among the stars is anything but romantic
  • Book: Nico Pengin - Batey Ascending
  • Comic Book: Nico Pengin - Batey

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Luke Zelon Brings the Rules of Fairplay to Esports and Gaming

Ep. 12
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