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  • 4. E4: Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love

    Keen listeners will have noticed that pretty much every book mentioned on the podcast so far has been scored pretty favourably. So, this week Joel's picked something slightly outside his usual wheelhouse: the 2006 best seller from Elizabeth Gilbert, 'Eat, Pray, Love'. Will he enjoy the memoir of someone eating, praying and loving their way across the globe? I mean, yeah? Why not!

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  • 3. E3: Wells Tower's Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned

    Joel's picked another collection of short stories to get you through your reading funk (you are in a reading funk) and surprise, surprise, it's another banger. You can now get in touch with the show too, by emailing and if you don't already own the book, pick it up from Awesome Books with the code 'OUCHIEWAHWAH' for 10% off!
  • 2. E2: Patrick DeWitt's Ablutions

    For the second episode of Joel Golby's Book Club, Joel has aptly chosen to read a book in the second person. It wasn't planned and he's only just realised whilst reading this synopsis of the episode. Either way: it's Patrick DeWitt's 'Ablutions' and it slaps. Pick it up from Awesome Books with the code 'OUCHIEWAHWAH' for 10% of
  • 1. E1: Annie Proulx's Close Range

    In the first episode of Joel Golby's Book Club, Joel cracks open one of his favourite short story collections: Close Range by Annie Proulx. Grab the book from Awesome Books with the code 'OUCHIEWAHWAH' for 10% off.
  • Joel Golby's Book Club (launches Jan 30th)

    Joel Golby's Book Club, a brand new show by tiny podcasts, launches on 30th January 2024 with Annie Proulx's Close Range.