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Let's Talk About Money with Dennis Harhalakis

Season 2, Ep. 17

On today’s episode of the StephUp Podcast, Steph talks with money coach, Dennis Harhalakis. 

Join Steph and Dennis as they talk about how money is not really about numbers and math, but it is about our emotions and our relationship to ourselves and to money.

Dennis explains that since our brains are wired for immediate gratification and to push discomfort to the future, it is important to learn how to delay gratification. Since our finances and our relationship to it have become more and more complicated, it breeds a lot of anxiety. We make bad decisions when we are: Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. And those decisions can really affect our relationship with money.

Listen in to find out how our emotions and money are so interconnected and how money coaches like Dennis can help rewire our brains to begin a healthy relationship with our finances.  

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Let's Talk About Narcissism with Megan McLaren

Season 2, Ep. 22
On today’s episode of the StephUp Podcast, join me in a lovely and fun chat with social worker, behavioural life consultant and coach, Megan McLaren. Megan shares what a day in her life is like working with patients with mental health, chronic disease management as a social worker and then supporting and encouraging people as a life coach. Since there are so many tools and information out there, it can be good but also overwhelming and that is where Megan’s education and social work also helps her life coach clients.I asked Megan about how some personal development teaching can be stressful and damaging. She says some people glamourize the “hustle culture” but true change takes time. It’s important to take out “only” in our wording; celebrate all your accomplishments, no matter how small.Megan advises that it can be difficult to diagnose narcissism. There are different traits (grandiose feelings and infatuation of themselves, think they know everything, having unrealistic expectations, emotionally neglectful, not empathetic, etc). If a person has just a few of the narcissistic traits, they probably aren’t. Narcissists are very manipulative. They can be covert (subtle, passive aggressive) or overt which is more obvious. They are attracted to people with good traits and seek them out. Megan also advises that narcissism is a learnt behaviour. Many times, it comes from trauma. There is no cure for narcissism, but psychotherapy can be a help for narcissists.“A narcissist can sniff out good traits in a person and so they are going to play on all those wonderful traits and exploit those. They are a master in that exploitation.”Megan shares some techniques to stand your ground with a narcissist: 1)    Set boundaries and stand firm with them2)    Don’t engage in arguments3)    Distance yourself4)    Find a good community Check out Megan’s website and follow her on Instagram and FacebookThank you to the amazing German, aka Your Podcast Editor for editing my audio conversation with Megan. Follow him at his website, Instagram and Twitter.Follow StephUp Podcast on Instagram,  Twitter, and her website at Steph's book, “What Should Dragon Do?”Support the podcast: Buy Me A Coffee