Project Loving Myself

  • 152. Ep. 152: The One Thing Everybody Wants More of But Can't Have

    Ready to dial up the tempo of your day and make every moment count? No more wishing for a time machine or hitting the snooze button. Join me as I spill the beans on practical tips and advice that’ll have you owning your time like a boss and transforming your 24 hours into a powerhouse of productivity. Time’s flying, but trust me – this episode is your ticket to reclaiming the clock!Tired of putting yourself or your dreams on the back burner because ‘I have no time’? Sign up for my Take Back Your Time Challenge and I’ll help you create more time to do the things you love. Don’t hit snooze on this – register now at Let’s turn ‘one day’ into ‘day one’ together!
  • 151. Ep. 151: He Won’t Commit! What’s the Deal with Situationships?

    Have you ever found yourself in one of those 'situationships' - you know, where the labels are all fuzzy and you're not 100% sure where you stand with someone?Join us in this juicy episode with the dating and relationship coach, Kimberly Rae, on a mission to help us dymystify love and modern dating. Think of it like your ultimate guide to finding that mature, committed relationship – no more swiping left on potential soulmates. It's time to swipe right to the real deal!Swipe your way to a love story that's uniquely yours. Book your free Manifest Love Clarity Call with me at Finding love is just a click away!
  • 150. Ep. 150: The Inside Scoop on Finding 'The One' And a Love Story Update

    Love is in the air with Valentine's around the corner! So we've brought Dyan Tolentino back, and she's got an incredible story to share with you! Remember when Dyan first joined us in the middle of season 6, with two amazing women? She set out on a quest to find her soulmate. Fast forward 6 months and she's here to share something juicy – she may or may not have found 'the one'! Tune in to find out!Do you want to craft your amazing 'how I met my soulmate' story? Book your free Manifest Love Clarity Call with me on to find out more.
  • 149. Ep. 149: The Sliding Doors Effect: The Power of Making Intentional Choices

    Torn between my ex and this great new guy I met at a wedding (cliche alert), I was stuck at a crossroads with a choice to make that would decide my future. Now, I bet you’re wondering which path led me to my ‘happily ever after,’ right? Well, the deets are all in the episode.Tune in and get the low-down on the power of our choices. From small daily decisions to life-altering ones, every choice you make actively shapes your future.But life will always give you a second chance to get things right. This Chinese New Year, join me and life coach Kimilu for a workshop that’s all about embracing second chances. Wanna join the fun? Register here:
  • 148. Ep. 148: 10 Ways to Activate Your Self Love Power

    Discover 10 practical ways to activate your self-love superpower and transform your life. Self-love isn't just a concept; it's the key to self-confidence, resilience, healthy relationships, and personal growth. Join us as we unlock the potential of self-love, uncover the science that backs this up, and learn how it can lead you to a life powered by love. Loving yourself means letting go. If you are tired of your Ex or past relationship living rent-free in your head, then sign up for Relationship Detox, FREE for PLM listeners, on to ditch the past and embrace a future with someone new.
  • S6 Ep. 25: Season 6 Highlights

    Season 6 was all about you, your journey, and your meteoric rise to your better self. So let's walk down memory lane together.From TikTok trends like 'Lucky Girl Syndrome' to ThetaHealers, cosmic Reiki healers, and life coaches, we celebrated the incredible power of healing, wellbeing, and personal growth with our guests. Along the way, we broke down societal norms, got off emotional rollercoasters, and turned our pain into purpose. And the curtain raiser was a powerful reminder that you get what you deserve. Ready to spread your wings even further as I prepare you for a stellar new season this January? Join the movement at See you in the '24! You are loved.
  • 24. S6 Ep. 24: You Get What You Deserve

    Ever wonder why you never get what you think you deserve? Does life seem unfair? Like, life is working against you while others easily get what they want.In this episode, I'm showing why, au contraire, you are actually ALWAYS getting what you deserve, not more and not less. This episode reveals how raising your self-worth is the key to getting what you deserve in life, love and business. Tune in NOW to learn life-changing insights from trailblazers like Elon Musk and J.K. Rowling.Felt like you didn't get what you deserved in your past relationship? Do my RELATIONSHIP DETOX program, free for a limited time only, priced at $197 thereafter. Join here: want to hear all about your epiphanies. Hit me up on @sanaiyahgurnamal and @projectlovingmyselfpodcast and let's chat about your fresh new perspective. You've got this, and I've got you.
  • 23. S6 Ep. 23: Shortcut to Success: Life Coaching with Kimilu

    Feel like your best life is perpetually out of reach? In this episode, discover how life coaching can shortcut your way to success. Meet Kimilu, a veteran life coach with a decade of results under her belt. Hear firsthand how her guidance untangled even the gnarliest knots, launching people to new levels of happiness and success.Whether you're in a rut or ready to rocket, Kimi pulls back the curtains on life coaching and how just one session can jumpstart massive change. It's time to stop wishing and start living - press play to learn how coaching can boost you to your best life!Discover how to overcome obstacles standing between you and your best self. Join my tribe today at and let's get started! Join my tribe to get started on taking your life to new heights!
  • 22. S6 Ep. 22: Believe to Receive: The Power of Self-Belief

    Having a daughter after two sons is my personal triumph of self-belief over doubt. This week, we explore the incredible impact of your beliefs on shaping your reality. You'll discover the science behind how your thoughts can literally create your world, backed by fascinating research from the field of psychology and neuroscience. So whether you're chasing career goals, seeking love, or aiming for personal growth, this episode will empower you to harness the incredible power of belief to create exactly what you want, while keeping self-doubt from getting in your way. Don't forget to tag me on your manifestations on @sanaiyahgurnamal and @projectlovingmyselfpodcast. Want more of self-love and discovery? Join my VIP List for special gifts like the Relationship Detox program, FREE for a limited time only on for PLM listeners. Get on the list now: