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  • Cultivating Habits of Happiness

    In this bite-sized episode, Monica provides insights from a program she undertook called The Psychology of HappinessExplains seven core elements that drive our happinessLiving our lives in line with our values and strengthsThe power of relationships Working in flowPositive mindsetThe benefits of caringSpiritual engagementPhysical wellbeing

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  • Inspired by Stoic wisdom, looking at our problems differently

    In this bite-sized episode, Monica is inspired by Stoic wisdom and reads from The Daily Stoic. Recognising the stories we tell ourselvesThe impact damaging thoughts and feelingsOwning our feelings and empowering ourselvesTaking a pause to take a new view of problems
  • Failure is painful, yet we can learn many lessons from these experiences

    Failure is something we all inevitably experience at many points in our lives. It’s difficult to face, it can be discouraging, and oftentimes we don’t know how to overcome it and continue trying.  In this episode, Monica reflects on some of the failures she’s endured in life and how she’s gotten through them. This bite-sized episode on failure is explored by Monica and covers:Personal failures and how she overcame themHow to accept failureFinding comfort in others
  • 4. Dealing with life’s knocks, talking men’s mental health with Chris Miller

    In this episode, Monica Mahi welcomes Chris Miller to talk about men’s mental health. Leveraging his expertise in coaching and his own struggles with mental health, Chris aims to debunk the work/life balance myth and provide customized solutions for his clients. Chris believes that small steps can make a big difference, and that by prioritizing wellbeing, engagement, and culture, organizations and the people that make up those organizations can unlock their full potential and create lasting positive change. Chris lives in the UAE with his wife and son.  In this episode, Monica and Chris discuss: How our early experiences impact us in our adult yearsWe are not defined by what happened to usHow men can support themselves by owning their emotionsFinding happiness in your own life based on your own actionsThe downside of social mediaStoic wisdom and how it moulds us in life You can contact Chris on:https://in-cre-mental.cominfo@in-cre-mental.com
  • Letting go: release to revive

    Oftentimes, we feel we need to have control over everything, that we need to do do do. The result is exhaustion, an empty cup and no energy.  In this episode, Monica reflects on a chapter from the book “self-care for the real world” by nadia narain, katia narain Phillips. This useful manual provides various lessons, tips and tools on how we can cope with every day life.  The chapter on “letting go” is explored by Monica and covers:Overcoming the need to control is allPower from letting things goFinding a sense of peace from not having to do it all
  • Lessons from a Zen Buddhist priest: finding pleasure in your work

    Monica takes inspiration from the work of Shunmyo Masuno and his book ZEN The Art of Simple Living.  Things may seem like they are dragging, that work is a chore and that we have no purpose. In this episode, we reflect on finding meaning in the work we do.
  • Bouncing Back: The Power of Resilience

    We never know what challenge may come our way. Whether it is a job loss, a personal obstacle or reading about something in the news. We get triggered by external things and our emotions can spiral. Cultivating resilience is a way to build a muscle within us to handle those though times.  It’s not just about getting through tough times; it’s about how we grow from these experiences. It’s about adapting in the face of adversity, trauma, or even tragedy. But how do we do that? How do we turn our struggles into strength? In this episode, Monica covers:What is means to have resilience;Illustrates a case example of when and how resilience was adopted;Shares some tips on how to build resilience.