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YogaLife S2 Bonus Episode 2: Sleep Workshop

Season 2, Ep. 10

A slightly different episode today. This week Dawn and Alex received some devastating news, and have taken the time to get back to a better headspace before recording the final episode of the season. So this week you get a sneak peek into an AHY Workshop on Sleep and it's impact. This episode is made up of highlights and snippets from the Sleep workshop Alex hosted with a group of yogis on her 6 month challenge. Want to know more about the challenge, head to

Please bare in mind you will hear other voices, not just Alex's on this episode, and the opinions expressed on the episode are those of 3rd party individuals and may or may not conflict with the views of the YogaLife Podcast.

Other references include:

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

Lumie Light:

Calm App:

Headspace App:

Body Thrive by Cate Stillman

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