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  • 11. Fringe Benefits

    Recorded during the Edinburgh Fringe run, Ant and Damo introduce you to their live show for 2023, Smiledriver. Plus, the lads share thoughts on the festival so far, and reveal what surprising item a Moldovan taxi driver placed in their hands. They also point you in the direction of some top comedians you should check out on socials, in podcasts and in shows near you soon. Get exclusive content every month on Patreon at

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  • 2. Andrew the Giant

    In a long-lost interview recorded before his death in 2002, the man mountain from Oldham AKA Andrew the Giant, reveals his favourite match of all time. Hear from the largest competitor to ever compete in the PWF in our biggest episode yet!Starring (in alphabetical order): Ant McGinley, Bay Salveson, Charles Commins, Che Burnley, Damien St John, Lindsey Sykora, Marc Farquar, Max Hulme and Sean Allsop. Get more episodes, leave a review, subscribe to our Patreon and shop the latest WWE merchandise with FREE SHIPPING when you visit Any similarities in this episode to any person, living or dead, are purely coincidental.
  • It's All Gravy [Patreon Preview]

    In this Patreon preview, Ant reveals what wrestling in gravy was really like, and we discuss the sheer amount of global media coverage The Champ has received from the likes of CNN, Daily Mail, Metro UK, Reuters and BBC Radio 5 Live. Plus, Damo discusses plans for the Leicester Comedy Festival 2024 and we play you a never-before-heard clip from the archives featuring our dear friend, Charles Commins AKA Affray. Unlock the full episode now by hitting the link in the description or by visiting our website.
  • 1. Terror of The Timekeeper

    When a strange anomaly enters Earth's atmosphere, it threatens to wipe out every living creature in its path. In a race against time, can the Ginger Ninja save humanity, or will he spend his time eating free tacos? This episode features Ant McGinley, Ciaran Saward, Damien St John Scott Lawson. Music is licensed under CC-0. To hear more of The Champ's adventures first, become a patron. Sign up now on our website or find us on socials.
  • 10. Triple Threat (Patreon Preview)

    During our hiatus between seasons four and five (coming September 2023), we each reveal our top three highlights so far. Featuring clips from past episodes and a quiz... Everyone loves a quiz. Strap in for a raucous review of the first three years of Wrestling with The Champ!You can unlock the full episode on Patreon with a low-cost monthly subscription.
  • 9. A Champion Night (The Champ's Shorts)

    Ahead of WWE's Night of Champions, the Ginger Ninja recalls a champion night of his own with a love letter to kebabs. Starring Ant McGinley and Damien St John. Love what we do? Subscribe for exclusive episodes, early access, merch and more on our Patreon page. Hit the website for details.
  • 8. Gingerthon (Patreon Preview)

    Come behind the scenes with Ant and Damo to find out what our plans are for the Champ's Edinburgh Fringe Festival adventure. Starring the majestic comedian Ash Frith as "Telethon Host", you can unlock this Patreon-exclusive episode as part of your monthly subscription, where you can hear new episodes first and get regular bonus content. The full version of this episode also contains no real ads, only fake ones, which we know you love more.
  • 7. Blood Is Thicker Than Whiskey

    The Champ heads to Blackburn as he tries to keep a new family member secret, and hurriedly puts together a crack Tag Team as he faces his Des Tiny.Get subscriber-only content, hear episodes first, and get exclusive perks when you subscribe via Patreon! With The Champ is written, produced, and created by Ant McGinley and Damien St John ©2020-2023This episode features the voices of Jim Salveson and Alex Whitely,It features music under Creative Commons Licence 4.0 from Audionautix: Progressive Rock and Rock Intro3, and from Uppbeat: Stop War - Monument Music License PIFJ3ZAI0ISCGHRA4 and Matrika - Action Replay, License DO3XBLZNJYRO0W34 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
  • 6. Violence is Golden

    Returning to his old school, the Champ gives a speech on his favourite subject. Find out where his bloodlust for aggression began in our most violent episode yet, as we reveal why the Ginger Ninja should never be your first opponent.Get subscriber-only content, hear episodes first, and get exclusive perks when you subscribe via Patreon! with The Champ is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Damien St John. This episode featured the voices of Sam Thomas, Joey Rinaldi and Jonny Goldsmith. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit