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Wrestling with The Champ

Race to Edinburgh - Part Two

Season 6, Ep. 2

How far will the boys go in the quest to cross the finish line first? Strap in for part two of Race to Edinburgh, as the Ginger Ninja and Damo head to Scotland to perform their new show, Chortle Combat, live at #EdFringe!

Additional music: Toward the Mountains by Gioele Fazzeri, Money by Soul Prod Music, Tense Detective by Good B Music, Waltz to Paris by Abidos Music, Fury of Perun by White Records, and BGM Fight by Chen 24.

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  • 1. Race to Edinburgh - Part One

    It's a race against time as our disastrous duo go head-to-head in a battle to arrive in Edinburgh first! See our new show, Chortle Combat, August 3-9th at The Globe bar on Niddry Street, as part of the PBH Free Fringe 2024. If you liked this episode, please consider donating a fiver (or more) to help fund our live performances this summer. Give now at Additional music: Scotland the Brave and Short E Guitar Rock by Julius H, Thriller Emotional Cinematic by Mood Mode, Vivaldi Summer by Abydos Music.
  • 7. A New Flame

    Ian Skinner has replaced the Champ using AI, leaving our hero as just another Nigel. As the New Ginger Ninja, he begins dismantling everything the old version cherished, while the world remains oblivious. However, an army of Nigel's bands together with the real Ginger Ninja to challenge the fake one and save the Pub Wrestling Federation.Wrestling With The Champ is created, performed, produced, and written by Ant McGinley & Damien St John. This episode also features the voices of Jonny Goldsmith and Alex Lynch.All music in this episode is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 including the following tracks by Kevin MacLeod ( Twisting, Amazing Grace, Heart Of Nowhere, I Got A Stick Ar Bryan Teoh, Tempting Secrets, Hot Pursuit & Marty Got A Plan. Also features Howitzer by Joe Baxter, Sad Piano by Mapamusic, The Rising Tide by HitCtrl, Hell's God (Part 1) by Centurions of War, Cathedral by Umplix, Big Steps by Haddeman77, Heroic Demise by Matthew Pablo, and Go For It by Melody Ayres Griffiths.All contents of this episode are © Podomedy 2020-2023
  • 6. Red Domino

    When the Ginger Ninja finds his biggest opponent is making more money than him outside the ring, he's tempted to bet everything on the outcome of one match. But this time, there's not just his title and reputation on the line but his best friend, Damo.Wrestling with The Champ is written, performed and produced by Ant McGinley & Damien St John. This episode features all the voice talent we knew who had names starting with the letter E - Edy Hurst, Edward Adoo, Esther Dunn, as well as Nigel Franklin and Mr Rizz himself, the one and only Ian Skinner.Music featured in this episode appears under Creative Commons attribution 4.0 licence and includes the following tracks from Kevin MacLeod ( Dangerous, The House Of Leaves, Magic Escape Room, Take The Lead, Hidden Agenda, EDM Detection Mode, Deep & Dirty, Screen Save & Voxel Revolution, Anxious Heartbeat - OpenMusicList, Drive Breakbeat - Rockot, Tense Sad Piano - Ashot Danielyan, Sensual Jazz - Grand Project, Voltage - Fato Shadow, Last Days - Pump the Mind, The Blade - Grand Project.
  • 5. Lager than Life

    A mysterious figure returns from the past and threatens to ruin the Champ's future. Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, can the Ginger Ninja save the day and his reputation? Will the Ginger Ninja be able to lift the curse? Will Damien ever be able to impersonate an animal convincingly? And will anyone ever recover from the nightmarish vision of the final act? Once again, all the ingredients of a classic Christmas episode are here.Wrestling With The Champ is written and produced by (and starring) Ant McGinley and Damien St John. This episode features the vocal talents of Andrea Fox, Hywel Evans, Esther Dunn, Mark Guy, Ian Brannan and Mick Tully.Wrestling With The Champ is part of Podomedy - the podcast comedy network.Additional sounds by Jason Dagenet, copyc4t (Paolo D'Emilio), Alex McCulloch, and Vishwa Jay.Music: 80s Radio Tune by Guitar Obsession, Titanium by Alisia Beats, Against The Clock by Free To Use Audio, Medieval Sands by Matthew Mike Cole Music, The Gift by OB-Lix, Epic Dramatic Dubstep by Alex Kizenkov, Metal Gear by Muza Production, Yours Story by Diamond Tunes, The Vivid Kingdom by Catalyst4God, and Kevin Macleod - Hall of The Mountain King by Grieg under Creative Commons 4.0 licence.
  • 4. Smiledriver (Live from Edinburgh)

    Imagine that Paddington Bear was a 7-foot-tall, angry wrestler. Imagine him taking on the Ginger Ninja as he attempts to save his reputation after being cancelled. Imagine you're in the basement of a fast food joint watching it all unfold. Settle in, press play, and enjoy the performance that hundreds of reviewers from The Scotsman, The Guardian, Empire Magazine and others failed to see. Written by and produced by and starring Ant McGinley and Damien St John. With cameos from Cultaholic's Tom Campbell as himself and UK wrestler VooDoo as Tyson Furry. Music appears under Creative Commons 4.0 attribution including Kevin MacLeod - Firebrand
  • Mystery Episode

    Here's an early Christmas present for all you Champaholics! Don't forget to come and see us live at the Leicester Comedy Festival on February 24th 2024. Tickets are FREE! Reserve yours now right here
  • 3. WrestleDreaming (Sleeping Booty)

    Ever wondered what it would feel like to step into the ring with the Ginger Ninja? Stop fantasising and start WrestleDreaming. Close your eyes and let the good times roll... This episode was written and produced by, and starred, Ant McGinley and Damien St John. See us live at the Leicester Comedy Festival, on February 24th at LCB Depot. Free tickets! See website. to book.Music featured includes NaturesEye - Frequency Of Sleep Meditation, AlexiAction - Abstract World, AlexiAction - Rock The Party, Ashot Danielyan - Mysterious Celesta, Music_For_Videos - Relaxing, Zane Little Music - Hallow Quest and some stuff from Music promoted by Creative Commons / Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
  • 2. Andrew the Giant

    In a long-lost interview recorded before his death in 2002, the man mountain from Oldham AKA Andrew the Giant, reveals his favourite match of all time. Hear from the largest competitor to ever compete in the PWF in our biggest episode yet! Starring (in alphabetical order): Ant McGinley, Bay Salveson, Charles Commins, Che Burnley, Damien St John, Lindsey Sykora, Marc Farquar, Max Hulme and Sean Allsop. Shop the latest WWE merchandise with FREE SHIPPING when you visit Any similarities in this episode to any person, living or dead, are purely coincidental.