The Worst Idea Of All Time

  • 22: Multi-Facial

    Tim and Guy unite to discuss the value of their podcast (described as a total waste of time by Tim) vs the value of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Tim has been researching the life arc and career of Vin Diesel while Guy has somewhat landed back on planet earth after last weeks euphoric screening. The soundtrack is finally given a moment of celebration and we even share some red hot audio from the movie itself.If you're in NZ - see Guy live!
  • 21: Anti-CGI

    Tim is on the back of a big night and wholly unarmed (without audio equipment or knife). Guy is talking for the first time today, after a 5:10AM screening to start the day in Australia and YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT... Guy has had the screening of a lifetime!Breathlessly championing F7 for its stunning stunts and refreshing comedy while also realising the challenges of the stupid f*cking premise of this season of the podcast. Tim yearns for a trip to the Middle East after laying eyes on Abu Dhabi's welding district before the boys imagine the cinematic crossover of the century: F7 x SATC2.
  • 20: Dad w/ Andy Batt

    It’s time to bring in the big guns: Tim’s dad, Andrew Batt joins the fellaz on this very special episode to chat about James Bond, fighting Vin Diesel and exactly what he thinks of his son spending so much time watching such terrible films. As a lifelong Car Guy and self-confessed easy fan of any action flick, Andy brings a welcomed wide-eyed enthusiasm for the franchise to the chat, as Guy makes several attempts to coopt him as a parent for himself.See Guy LiveSee Tim Live
  • 19: Asparagus Wees

    Guy conducts a Herculean campaign in not discussing the movie he just watched, starting with outlining the relief of realising he doesn't have to watch Fast 8. Tim almost dies by walking into traffic watching the movie on his phone with earphones in. The Batman also finds the perfect gift for Guy, Becky - a 2000 Sydney Olympics paralympic athetic. Then it becomes basically the Joe Rogan Experience as two white cis men get in the weeds about their stand up comedy. This episode also features a brief conversation about the film, Furious 7.Support TWIOAT on SubstackSee Guy LiveSee Tim Live
  • 18: Cheesecake Factory

    This episode is accidentally being released out of the order in which it was recorded because Tim f***ed up (sue me!)Brought to you by The Cheesecake Factory, this watch of F8 sees Tim in his native of Auckland and Guy across the ditch in Australia. Guy can mentally only categorise this film as a collection of GIFs, rather than cinema, on this watch and is addressing one of the elephants in the room. Tim attempts to defend the flick by discussing modern Hollywood's move to make every blockbuster movie into a theme park ride for the eyes and ears, whilst having a hard time reconciling his horrible work with his beautiful family life. This highbrow discussion is railroaded by both of fellaz being absolutely fascinated by American food chain, The Cheesecake Factory, who sponsored this episode.THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY - VISIT ONE OF OVER 300 GLOBAL LOCATIONS, TODAYSee Guy LiveSee Tim LiveSupport the podcast (and see video episodes) on Substack
  • 17: Scar Tissue w/ David O'Doherty

    Guy and Tim are joined by Irish comedian and bicycle-enthusiast, David O'Doherty. The former have ruined the latter’s day by making him watch Furious 7; a movie featuring the boy's first sighting of Paul Walker (as they watch the series in reverse order), the introduction of Kurt Russel to the franchise (when viewing in the correct order) and it also quite a lot of cars. The trio are yearning for unfettered cartoon physics and full-blown horniness to be inserted into the movie but sadly, it never cums. There is a sad revisit to the theory that all the characters of the Fast universe seem to be unkillable, and are therefore highly damaged, trapped demi-Gods unable to ever enjoy the sweet release of death. Incredible sports quotes and outrageously incorrect assertions about when Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park await your beautiful ears.Support us on SubstackFollow David on InstagramSee Guy live in Australia and New ZealandSee Tim live in Australia and New Zealand
  • 16: Toxic People w/ Patti Harrison

    Patti Harrison has joined the chat. Specifically the final chat about F8 with Tim and Guy. As she turns her incisive mind to analysis of these two men's near-decade long quest for meaning in watching bad movies too many times, the pair crumble under the scrutiny. Tim is assuming a knife-like(!) form and Guy ever-so-briefly rediscovers the joy of talking about a movie he actually likes. Lowlights from this watch include a lack of Charlize Theron's pussy appearing on screen and highlights include some inside information about Hillary Clinton.Support us and see the full video episode at TWIOAT.substack.comSee Guy live in Australia and New ZealandSee Tim live in Australia and New ZealandFollow Patti Harrison on Instagram because she did a really cool prank on Twitter and got her account banned from the platform.
  • 15: Baguette w/ Justin McElroy

    Justin McElroy joins Tim and Guy to question whether anyone involved in the making of F8 Of The Furious knows anything about how babies work. We find out Guy's greatest weakness, where Justin sits on the great Vin vs. The Rock debate and who would be the perfect villain for Fast 10. There's a lot of bread chatter, analysis of the role of Butt Women and also of Jason Statham, in this franchise.Join us on SubstackSee Guy live in Australia and New ZealandSee Tim live in Australia and New Zealand
  • 14: Cyclone

    Timbo and GuyGuy have been to podcast therapy/mediation to work on their connection and the results are middling. It's been a challenging watch, in trying conditions as despite both being in the same city, they are separated by a literal cyclone. Guy unearths an Architectural Digest tour of Tyrese's mansion before sharing an infamous Instagram post by The Rock that was made on the last week of filming F8. It is bombshell material. Tim speculates on the beef/working conditions of the F8 set and what insecurities collaborating with The Rock may have unearthed in Vin Diesel. A feeble attempt to lighten the mood comes in the form of a pitch for a ghastly alternative F8 involving the Red Dragons (the girls soccer team that Hobbs/The Rock coaches).PRODUCTION NOTE: Tim misgendered Ezra Miller in this episode. He apologises and regrets the error.Join us on SubstackSee Guy live in Australia and New ZealandSee Tim live in Australia and New Zealand