World's Dumbest Criminals


Probably Coke, Tesco Rampage

Season 1, Ep. 42
Episode 42 of World's Dumbest Criminals is about a drug smoking, samurai sword wearing, martial arts knowing, credit card stealing, car boosting, arrest resisting, rollerblade enthusiast from Iowa, a Manchester woman with a penchant for going on feral rampages at Tesco and more.

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The Nudie Run

Season 1, Ep. 48
In episode 48 of World's Dumbest Criminals you'll be hearing a corker of a police interview with a drunk Aussie larrikin who got done for a streaking, as well as the case of a vain criminal walnut on the run in England, who didn't like his mugshot, so he sent the media better pictures of himself to use instead.Social MediaFacebook Group: Page: @WDCriminalsPod and InstagramInstagram: @worldsdumbestcriminalspodcastPatreon: Eye For An Eye

INTRODUCING: Live, Laugh, Larceny: A True Petty Crime Podcast

Hey, this is not an episode of World's Dumbest Criminals. It is however a story about dumb criminals, and I know you dig that kind of ridiculous action as much as I do - so I thought I'd share.I recently made friends with Trevin and Amanda, who produce a great show called Live, Laugh, Larceny: A True Petty Crime Podcast. It's a genre-bending comedy podcast that takes a deep dive into shallow crimes.Trevin and Amanda are also obsessed with dumb criminal stories, which they tell with their own creative twist.They take news articles about petty criminals and turn them into short stories that play out like an atmospheric audio drama. Each story is presented over their own original music along with cheesy reenactment effects. It's like an Investigation Discovery audio documentary, but about small trivial crimes like a serial cellphone snatcher in coffee shops.Each week, the two release an episode with weekly dreadful dilemmas, killer facts and two full length stories, covered with great detail, humour and imagination.If you listen through all of their episodes, you may even come across some of the same cases I've covered, but they interpret them so differently it's quite fascinating to hear.The story you're about to listen to is from their 86th episode: Fuelled By Trash Pizza. It's told from the perspective of a Florida Detective, so you know it's going to be a wild ride full or marina sauce and tears.Please enjoy this story from Live, Laugh, Larceny: and then subscribe to their show!Listen on Apple: on Spotify: on Instagram: on Facebook: Other Links: