World's Dumbest Criminals


How Not to Pick Up Women, Ladder Man

Season 1, Ep. 45
Episode 45 of World's Dumbest Criminals is about a Hong Kong man who teaches a course on how to dominate women but preyed on the men who signed up for the course, blackmailing them into paying him more money, the legendary Aussie Ladder Man - who was arrested for stealing a ladder and went on to give one of the most ridiculous and tangential police interviewers ever recorded.

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Wanted Man Calls the Cops About Luke Warm Fries

Season 1, Ep. 49
Episode 49 of World's Dumbest Criminals is about a wanted man in Atlanta who called the police after being served luke warm fries at McDonalds and ended up getting arrested for something far worse, a 65-year-old woman from QLD who exacted revenge on her ex husband after being threatened with witchcraft by his new girlfriend and more.Social MediaFacebook Group: Page: @WDCriminalsPod and InstagramInstagram: @worldsdumbestcriminalspodcastPatreon: Hot Copy Radio Theatre

The Nudie Run

Season 1, Ep. 48
In episode 48 of World's Dumbest Criminals you'll be hearing a corker of a police interview with a drunk Aussie larrikin who got done for a streaking, as well as the case of a vain criminal walnut on the run in England, who didn't like his mugshot, so he sent the media better pictures of himself to use instead.Social MediaFacebook Group: Page: @WDCriminalsPod and InstagramInstagram: @worldsdumbestcriminalspodcastPatreon: Eye For An Eye