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Ep 148. Megan McNealy: Be Well and Do Well

Megan McNealy is the author of Reinvent the Wheel: How Top Leaders Leverage Well-Being for Success. Megan is an award-winning, 20+ year First Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor at one of the largest financial firms in the world. She aims to serve those who strive for exceptional wellness and success and to change the pervasive workplace belief that it's challenging to be well and do well

Stew and Megan talk about her hard-won realization, following a serious illness, that she needed to care for herself in order to survive and how she discovered, along the way, that well-being is a driver of business success.  She describes the path she took and how she came to conceptualize the essential practices for caring for mind, body, and spirit. Megan provides enlightening examples of these practices drawn from her research on the real lives of fascinating, successful executives. 

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Ep 155. Wayne Baker: All You Have to Do Is Ask

Wayne Baker is the Robert P. Thome Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management & Organizations at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and Faculty Director of the Center for Positive Organizations. His latest book is All You Have to Do Is Ask: How to Master the Most Important Skill for Success. He is the author of five other books and many scholarly articles. His work has focused on social capital, social networks, generosity, and positive organizations, and values. Wayne is a cofounder and board member of Give and Take Inc., developers of the Givitas collaborative technology platform based on principles in All You Have to Do Is Ask.In this episode, Stew and Wayne talk about the science and art of both asking for and giving help, and we need to be able to do both. Getting the support we need to achieve our goals, at work and in all the rest of life, is too often inhibited by difficulties we face in asking for it. In this conversation, Wayne describes and illustrates what the barriers are that hold people back from asking for help and what can be done to overcome them. He explains the essential elements of an effective request -- that it’s specific, meaningful, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound -- and how to assess your style of giving and receiving help, as a useful starting point for becoming smarter about how to cultivate generosity in all the relationships that matter to you.

Ep 154. Stan Silverman: Be Different

Stan Silverman is the author Be Different! The Key to Business and Career Success. A recognized thought leader and influencer, Stan publishes a widely read, nationally syndicated column on leadership in the Philadelphia Business Journal and 42 affiliated business publications across the U.S. Stan is the former president and CEO of global PQ Corporation and is a senior executive in residence at the LeBow College of Business of Drexel University. He earned his engineering and MBA degrees from Drexel. He is vice chairman of Drexel University’s board of trustees and the former chairman of its College of Medicine. He also serves on the boards of three K-12 independent schools and is a member of the faculty of Board Advisory Services of the National Association of Corporate Directors.In this episode, Stew and Stan talk about what it takes to be different and how crucial it is to learn how to do so if one is to succeed in one’s career and in the rest of life. They talk about the value of trust -- perhaps a leader’s most precious asset -- and what it takes to build it and how fragile it can be. Being genuinely interested in the lives of the people around you is one of the important means for developing a reputation as someone who is trustworthy. From the wisdom of his experience, Stan offers compelling examples of what it means to be accountable for acting ethically -- at work and in other key relationships in life -- and for holding others to that standard, especially by striving to serve as a role model.