cover art for WORD on THE STREET 07: You've Questions, We've Answers

Word on The Street, with Greg Street & Scott Johnson

WORD on THE STREET 07: You've Questions, We've Answers

A nice big juicy Q & A with Greg and John! Your questions, their answers, and lots of other stuff in-between. Enjoy!

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  • WORD on THE STREET 09: Art Direction

    Let's talk about art direction in Ghost, and MMO's in general. How does one get started? How does a team like this stay unified on the look and feel of a game in the long term? Stylization vs realism? So much more! Shanti and David join us for today's discussion.
  • WORD on THE STREET 08: The User Experience

    Greg and Scott are back for June's episode, and with us is Ed Altorfer, user experience director at FPC! He has some really great perspectives on what's coming in Ghost, and how the user experience is going thus far!
  • WORD on THE STREET 06: Combat with Holinka

    Brian Holinka joins the show and goes deep on combat and pvp plans in Ghost. Holinka is a legend in the MMO world, and you're going to want to hear his plans with the team.
  • Word on The Street 05: Ghost Under The Hood

    Let's talk tech! What's under the hood of this MMO, including all the challenges and advantages! The company engineering leads Cam and James join Scott and Greg this month!
  • Word on The Street 04: The Earthbergs

    We're joined this month by Content Design Director on Ghost, Candace Thomas, and we get a very healthy helping of what blue and red shards are, and what the design philosophy is for the MMO regarding encounters, bosses, and world content. Enjoy!
  • Word on The Street 03: Story and World Building in Ghost

    We get to have a great guest with us today, Shanti Blees, the VP of IP in the studio, talking all about the challenges and fun of creating an MMO story and lore from the ground up, and how that process works.
  • WORD on THE STREET 02: Prototyped

    Back with episode two, talking the latest state of things with Greg, Lisa and Kristina! And we dive pretty hard into what the prototyping phase is, why Greg hates it, and why it's absolutely necessary to the process. Plus your questions and feedback!
  • Word on The Street 01: Ghosted

    Our first episode, with Scott and Greg. Lots of stuff here including the groundwork for the new studio, the driving principles behind the game, and what you can expect from the team at Fantastic Pixel Castle.