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The Profitable Table Fed by Woolco Foods

Interview with Lloyd Ortuoste, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Bear of #Baonanas

Season 1, Ep. 34

In this episode, Steven explores how serendipity, humanity, and a fresh take on a classic dessert came together to create an amazing brand. Listen in to learn how #Baonanas was started from a place of generosity and community, and how it has developed into an incredible business that has never deviated from its core values.

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  • 7. Boosting Revenue with Private Events in the Hospitality Industry

    Making private events profitable is imperative for any business in the hospitality industry. Host Steven Toboroff, CEO of Woolco Foods, discusses with Paul Gallen, the President of The Pier Sixty Collection at Chelsea Piers, the importance of customer retention through communication, attentiveness, and loyalty with each event. Listen now to the latest episode of The Profitable Table!
  • 6. Interview with Julie Forbes, Youth Advocate for the Juvenile Detention Facility of the Green Hill Academic School

    Listen to the latest episode of The Profitable Table with Steven Toboroff, CEO of Woolco Foods, as he branches out and discovers more inspiration and leadership outside the hospitality industry. Meet Julie Forbes, a youth advocate within the juvenile detention facility of Green Hill Academic School in Washington who runs a library not just providing free books, but a safe place they feel self-worth and value.
  • 5. Capitalizing on Current Trends in the NYC Hospitality Industry

    Whether you’re running a restaurant in NYC or any other location, remembering to stay authentic will go a long way in the hospitality industry. Play on your strengths through lifestyle imagery of your menu items and establishment, and make your website more engaging with lead forms through promotions and reservation options. Listen now!
  • 4. How Your Business Can Navigate through Inflation

    In this new episode, Steven Toboroff, CEO of Woolco Foods, discusses what inflation is and its overall effects from a grand perspective, trickling down to the hospitality industry. Current trends of rising inflation are highly impacting the restaurant business from top to bottom. Learn how restaurant owners can navigate through this challenging time by analyzing your demographics, knowing your customer, and full transparency are key in quantifying where to implement those price increases relative to the market, so you remain loyal to your customer and your brand. Listen Now!
  • 3. Interview with Molly Carew, General Manager of Tea & Sympathy

    In this new episode of The Profitable Table, Steven looks into the past, present and future of this unique restaurant and shop providing British comfort food and groceries since 1990 in the Greenwich Village. Let’s take a trip and explore the authenticity of @teaandsympathynyc through their imported products from England and Ireland—creating a true authentic experience for their customers. Listen Now!
  • 2. Interview with Manny Colon of Manny’s Bistro in Lincoln Square, NYC

    In this new episode of The Profitable Table, Manny Colon discusses how he took over a long-time French restaurant during the pandemic, and transitioned from manager to now owner of Manny’s Bistro. Through loyalty, dedication, and passion—he’s already changed the path of the restaurant that previously lost its way. Learn more about taking over a restaurant, and never compromising on quality service and food.
  • 1. Kicking Off the New Year with New Business Goals

    In this new episode of The Profitable Table, Steven Toboroff, CEO of Woolco Foods, shares his thoughts on the new year and setting goals for yourself and for your business. Whether you’re focusing on revenue, profitability, or even personal missions—understanding the importance of writing them down, believing in them, and taking the right steps will ultimately help you achieve your goals.
  • 60. Interview with Owner of Teddy's Brewhaus, Jeff Tucker

    In this new episode, Steven compares notes with Jeff Tucker, entrepreneur, scholar, and owner of the craft brewery and restaurant Teddy's Brewhaus, on books, management, and the hospitality industry. While focusing on multiple projects at once, they both agree that letting go and finding a skilled team is the best investment for greater success. Tune in now and learn more about the value of your passions and interests, and how applying them to your business(es) can lead to greater enjoyment and success.
  • 59. Cultivating Leadership and Change within New York City Youth Groups

    In this new episode, Danielle Blumstein, Director of Outreach & Engagement of The Imagine Society, Inc., and Youth Leader, Dayelin De La Cruz discuss their successful service projects to support hospitals, nursing homes, essential workers, food pantries and shelters. With a mission to unite the youth community, this organization continues to celebrate and encourage kids to make the world a better place through service and volunteerism. Tune in and learn how you can help!