83: Ride

Season 7, Ep. 11

Nobody pulls the wool over the eyes of Sylvester August Baxter.

[Warning: This episode contains a depiction of violence. Listener discretion is advised.]

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[INTERMISSION XV] Dogs (Until Now)

Season 8
Season 8 continues next week.TWITCH: http://twitch.tv/woebegonepodPATREON: http://patreon.com/woe_begoneALIZA SCHULTZ: https://shows.acast.com/the-diary-of-aliza-schultzTRANSCRIPTS: http://WOEBEGONEPOD.comTWITTER: @WOEBEGONEPODREDDIT: /r/DOGCATCHER and /r/WOEBEGONEMUSIC: http://woebegonepod.bandcamp.comDISCORD: https://discord.gg/pn9kjTBYPDLyrics: Lately I’vebeen dreaming mytongue was swollen,bitten, eaten out,oh, but they were kind,they left me with myeyes, soft and closedand moving,generating movies,a shame to go to wasteif there’s nothing I can say.If you’d like to be replaced,we can replace you.I was holding out,you were managing your doubtso well until now,so well until now,but I was holding out,you were managing your doubtso well until now,oh, well until later,but I won’t control my fast cascading temperforever.Were the trees shivering?Or are you hiding in them?Makeshift shelterfor inclement weather,an eye in the sky over my head,or are you leaving me for dead?Frost forming out herewhile I search,light pouring in the cornersilluminates my breath,dissolves every circumstance.If you’d like to be replaced,you could’ve fooled me.I was holding out,shelter held under the cloudsso well until now,so well until now,I was holding out,shelter held under cloudsso well until now,oh well, rebuild later,but I can’t control how fast they fell the timberforever.Call off the dogs,call off the knocks,I know you sent them,I could use a little privacy,call off the ambulance,call off the avalanche,you know I give into my paranoia easily.Where are you going?I know it’s you at my doorand I know what you want.I was holding out,checking locks and standing ground,so well until now,so well until now,I was holding out,so well until now,checking locks and standing ground,oh well, you’ll find me later,but I can’t control my finger on the buttonforever.Call off the dogs,call off the knocks,call off the search for answers,call off the graceless fruitless chase,call off the dogs.