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Sons of Pale Horse: The Book of Rorschach ALBUM REVIEW

We were caught totally by surprise by the gift of this #WatchmenHBO album by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross arriving at our studio this morning! This is composed by the duo under a fictionalized band pseudonym 'Sons of Pale Horse' as an album already existing in the world of #Watchmen. The albums title, 'The Book of Rorschach', along with the artwork and accompanying materials have a ton of fun and fascinating details about the world of Watchmen. Grant sits down to open up the contents of the album and discuss them with us.

Let us know you thoughts, theories, and discoveries in the comments below.

This video is part of the series, 'Who Pods the Watchmen?', a companion podcast to the HBO Watchmen television show. The show is hosted by Grant Davis and Clay LaPoint and produced by Grant Davis and Mike Moody.

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(Music: "Depth Charge" by Jaunter, used under Creative Commons)

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