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Watchmen Episode 08 "A God Walks into Abar" Breakdown & Review (S01E08)

The penultimate episode is here, and with it some  crazy stuff that we just gotta talk about! Angela meets a lovely blue lad at a bar and they really hit it off. Time-tripping ensues and waffles don't get made. We recorded this episode LIVE on YouTube and we answer some viewer questions at the end. Enjoy!

Warning: we will be discussing SPOILERS so please go watch the episode first!

‘Who Pods the Watchmen?' is a companion podcast to the #WatchmenHBO series with weekly reviews breaking down the episodes and deep dive discussions into the comic series.

Who Pods the #Watchmen? We do!

Featuring Grant Davis and Clay LaPoint on mic with Mike Moody occasionally producing from Permanent RCRD Studios in Austin, TX.

(Music: "Depth Charge" by Jaunter, used under Creative Commons)

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