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Watchmen Episode 07 "An Almost Religious Awe" Breakdown & Review (S01E07)

After that jaw-droppingly incredible last episode, we are so excited for what episode 07 has in store for us! If you are watching LIVE, please hit us with questions and comments and we will discuss them at the end of the podcast!

Premise: Under Lady Trieu's care, Angela undergoes an unconventional treatment while Agent Blake chases down a lead. Elsewhere, The Smartest Man in The World delivers a stunning defense of his past actions.

Warning: we will be discussing SPOILERS so please go watch the episode first!

 ‘Who Pods the Watchmen?' is a companion podcast to the #WatchmenHBO series with weekly reviews breaking down the episodes and deep dive discussions into the comic series.

Who Pods the #Watchmen? We do!

Featuring Grant Davis and Clay LaPoint on mic with Mike Moody occasionally producing from Permanent RCRD Studios in Austin, TX.

(Music: "Depth Charge" by Jaunter, used under Creative Commons)

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