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Issue 12: Watchmen Comic Breakdown

It is the final issue of the comic series! And we got a big ep for ya! In Issue 12 we see how Ozymandias' plan works out & our heroes all gather for a team meeting. We discuss Clay's seedy attempts to usurp the pod, run through his special category questions, take a special Patreon call, and debate whether or not you can really catch a bullet!

wWe also tried out recording this one LIVE on video while celebrating with champagne and M&M's. Wanna check that out? Head on over to our Youtube page and enjoy!

In anticipation of HBO's Watchmen series, we are diving into the original tome, the Watchmen comic, published in 1986 by DC Comics. Watchmen is written by Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins.

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Recorded and produced by Clay LaPoint and Grant Davis at Permanent RCRD, a podcast studio in Austin, TX.

(Music: "Depth Charge" by Jaunter, used under Creative Commons)

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