A warm welcome to a new mental health awareness podcast. Many of us have unfortunately suffered some type of #trauma in our lives. Be it #physical or #mental, scars do exist and wounds can run deep. But one of the most important things to remember is - none of us are alone.Your host Glen Dower, has been through Abandonment Trauma as a child which manifested in adulthood through #procrastination, impostor syndrome, low self-esteem and self-worth, high #anxiety and the use of #alcohol as a numbing agent. But now he owns his problem - and is looking to help others who have suffered similar challenges in their lives.Along with a variety of guests, we offer a safe place to learn, to be inspired, to be motivated, and to take the steps to a better you. This week professional global fitness coach, and ex-pro-rugby player, Mike Poole guides us through the incredibly inspiring story of how he willed himself back to health following a near fatal accident, and went on to become an award-winning health and fitness professional.We want you to fly high...not alone.Brought to you by the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORKTwitter: Heroes_DoInstagram: What Heroes Do PodcastEmail: whatheroesdo1@gmail.com

    Welcome to our flagship show from the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK. Luke and Glen are back with ANOTHER SPECIAL GUEST. We geek out this time with former movie journalist and editor for TOTAL FILM and EMPIRE MAGAZINE, Mr Nev Pierce. Nev tells us about the amazing superstars he has interviewed in his time from HELEN MIRREN (during her drive home...) to JACK NICHOLSON (in Marlon Brando's front room...) to MATT DAMON (backstage on London's West End...), how and where he started his journey including finding his way to a DAVID FINCHER set alongside ROBERT DOWNEY JR, and weighs in on the eternal battle between MARVEL and DC!! Finally he shares a fantastic cause close to his heart: Stem Cell Research and Donation . Please register to become a donor, it’s quick and painless and you could save someone's life: https://www.dkms.org.uk/en/register-now#podasting #filmpodcasts #filminterviews #mcu #dc #totalfilm #empiremagazine #starwars #avengers #viralpodcast

    We are modern men here at WHAT DADDIES DO..., as such Danny, Spence I do not mind sharing what did and still does...scare the beejesus out of us, and out of our little ones. From expected sources such as TV monsters and witches to the absurd of noisey bathroom amenities. We are sure...or we hope...you all share the same fears as us, plus be safe in the knowledge that modern kids TV...and their lives are minefields of heebeejeebies and ninky-nonks!Brought to you by the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK
  • 1. WHAT'S HEROES' NEWS? Talking Real Life Heroes and Movie News!

    A new podcast from the WHAT HEROES DO PODCAST NETWORK! While our flagship show WHAT HEROES DO celebrates GEEKDOM in its various forms, and WHAT DADDIES DO shoots the poop on fatherhood, this show, WHAT'S HEROES' NEWS welcomes real, every day heroes to talk how they make the world a better place, a day at a time. And ofcourse, we have a movie news round-up too!!Our first, VIP guest, is Zoe Old a volunteer at Taunton Open Door. Many people who beg are not rough sleeping and may be at risk of harmful addiction. Everyone can help with supporting the genuine homeless in Taunton by donating money to Open Door. Not only do they provide basics such as food, showers and clothing but also support people to move on from homelessness including – support for housing, education and employment, wellbeing and life skills. Money they raise is used to ensure they can provide a rounded service that actively supports and encourages people to move on from homelessness.After we speak to Zoe, we have a quick discussion about what's in the movie headlines!
  • 10. WHAT HEROES DO...EPISODE 10: The Mandalorian Season 3 and Future of Star Wars!

    WHAT HEROES DO... reaches its 10TH EPISODE!!!! And what better way to celebrate the milestone, and the awesome close of THE MANDALORIAN Season 3 than with friend of the show, and fellow podcaster, KIBLA AHMED from THE BROTHERS GEEKOUT PODCAST.We are talking everything STAR WARS today, aswell as the continuing advertures of Mando, (Din) Grogu and Bo Katan, we look back on the superb ANDOR and forward to AHSOKA, THE ACOLYTE, THE SKELETON CREW, and the future of one REY SKYWALKER following the grand revelations at STAR WARS CELEBRATION!!!
  • 9. WHAT HEROES DO...Episode 9: Pop Culture Catch-Up and Lebowski at 25

    We are back with another episode of WHAT HEROES DO...The stars have aligned once again and Glen and Luke are reunited to talk about everything that has gone on since last time. So, the OSCARS happened, JOEL LIED TO ELLIE, AHMED BEST IS REBORN IN THE THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE, and THE DUDE and WALTER have been with us 25 years! Plus we share some very exciting news about the future of the show and lots of plans afoot. But for now, sit back, relax, enjoy and share, Epidode 9 of WHAT HEROES DO...#podcast #podcasting #viralpodcast #thelastofus #mando #oscars #thedude #lebowski #filmtwitter #themandorian #ahmedbest #kelleranbeq #jarjar #superheropodcast #superhero #marvel #mcu #dc #shazam #starwars #reviews #movies #tvshows #reviewpodcast #andor #order66 #podcastlife

    On our latest episode we review, react and reflect on all that was AWESOME IN 2022. We go through the Global Box Office 2022 - in both shock and awe - and what were our TV favs of the year just gone by. We wrap our show with the inaugural, highly coveted WHAT HEROES DO AWARDS 2022! Such highlights include the 'Best Line' Award, The 'I Actually Enjoyed That' Award and 2022's MVP!!! Download, Listen, Share ENJOY!!!

    The stars have aligned again and we bring you the latest episode of WHAT HEROES DO...2023 is already proving MASSIVE with the AVATAR sequel taking control of the global box office, the pleasant surpise M3GAN doing some great business and THE LAST OF US crushing it on streaming services. So, your host Glen and Luke check-in on where we are at with our faviourite franchises MARVEL, STAR WARS and DC and our hopes for the future. Then we dive into the first half of the year with a glance at what's to come in the first half the 2023 including CREED III, COCAINE BEAR...and MAGIC MIKE -THE LAST DANCE!! Finally, in Part 2 we welcome our new junior reporter Agent P as he talks us through what he is looking forward to in the SUPERHERO genre in the coming weeks and months including ANT-MAN and the WASP in QUANTUMANIA, SHAZAM 2 - FURY of the GODS and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAZY VOLUME 3!!!! Listen, enjoy and share...because that's WHAT HEROES DO!!#podcast #podcasting #superheropodcast #positivepodcast #avatar #mcu #marvel #starwars #antman #quantumania #kang #andor #dc #dceu #shazam #creed #creed3 #cocainebear #magicmike
  • 8. WHAT HEROES DO...THE LAST OF US Midseason Review

    Glen The General is back in WHD HQ, and it is a very welcome return for Danny (Boy) after his amazing guide through Season 1 of HOUSE OF DRAGONS, and making his WHDebut is Spence! These guys go way back but feel very at home sharing their thoughts and fears, laughter and tears about the HBO Max phenomenon THE LAST OF US! The gents focus on where the first 5 episodes have taken us, characters we've met and ultimately had to say to goodbye to, often too early....THEY DEAD!THE MANDALORIAN himself, Pedro Pascal continues to excel while fellow GAME OF THRONES' alumni, Bella Ramsey more than holds her own in this unlikley double/act. There are a few zombie tropes that the series cannot help to escape, but there series offer a lot more in other areas to keep its audience on their tiptoes. Listen, laugh, like and share too...cuz that's WHAT HEROES DO.