What Could Go Wrong.


SOGGY OSHER (Reality TV Tryouts)

Season 2, Ep. 2

Webster's dictionary defines reality as 'the quality or state of being real'. Despite our frozen foreheads, Black&Decker pecker wreckers, weaves and for no clear reason the plastic vulva Storm wears down her bike shorts - you don't get much more real than us. Join us on our quest to sit on a couch and be not-paid to offer our witticisms and judgements on others who are on worse reality shows than ours. Will we succeed or won't we - this is a bigger mystery than how Lee Hardinge's Wasabi won an ARIA* or why Storm thinks she can still audition for teenage roles in School Musicals. Signing off - Kristin Stewart & Rainn Wilson (sworn enemies of Kathy Griffin and Kyle Sandilands feat. Charlize Theron in Monster) What Could Go Wrong - "Get me out of here"

* Should have won several