Influence by WeTransfer

The world is changing, and so is the way we’re influenced. Who is exposing the widespread problems in media and advertising? How is racial discourse pushing brands to do better? And which organizations are leading the way with responsible, fresh visions?

The industry today faces both financial and moral challenges that are shaking up the way advertising is done. Fake news, a global pandemic, racial injustice, questionable ethics—the problems are deep and long-lasting. And they’re the kind of challenges we take on in season three of Influence, a podcast by WeTransfer.

While seasons one and two covered all things advertising, from how it shapes our world today to the changemakers challenging the status quo, season three casts a wider net to look at how easily we’re influenced in 2021.

Hosted by Damian Bradfield, co-founder and CCO at WeTransfer, we speak to experts like Brittany Kaiser, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Noreena Hertz, and Justin Willman about why we make the choices we do and the forces that sway those decisions. As well as shining a light on the companies, technologies, and leaders who’ve decided to use their influence responsibly—and the ones who haven’t...

Damian Bradfield

Damian Brad)eld (1977) is the CCO of WeTransfer and Chairman of The University of the Underground. In his role as Chief Creative Officer Damian leads all creative output and strategy for WeTransfer's advertising, marketing, PR and editorial teams in addition to WeTranfer's inhouse creative studio.