Wet and Dry


The Apology Episode

Season 2, Ep. 5

How was your Christmas / New Year / Dry January / Lockdown 3 / Homeschooling?

It's been two months since Matt & I last had the time to record a podcast. Well actually that's not QUITE true... we did manage to met briefly between Christmas and New Year to record some World Cup of AF matches around the back of bike shed. What has the world come to?

We also recorded an interview with Sonja Mitchell - the Managing Director and 'Beer Admiral' of Jumpship Beers. You might remember that Matt once described Sonja's flagship 'Yardarm' as "A bit watery" and asserted that the 'Made by Sonja' on the side of the can was just a made-up marketing ploy. 

So I was really looking forward to this interview - mostly because of how awkward Matt would be! We finally got around to recording it a few days before Christmas - but I've been REALLY busy ever since and by the time I got around to editing the interview it had dated really badly. 

Thankfully Sonja is one of the nicest people around and agreed to re-record the interview. So here it is.


(PS - also included some more first round matches of the WC of AF... including Sonja's Yardarm against an Aldi AF beer. It'd be AWFUL if Matt put through the Aldi beer. Wouldn't it...)

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