Wet and Dry


Jamie East & The World Cup of AF

Season 2, Ep. 2

We're into the final quarter of my year off drinking. Time for some big decisions. I've been swaying between sobriety and moderation quite a bit in terms of my plans for 2021... so I'm thrilled that Jamie East joins us on this podcast as he 'celebrates' the third anniversary of his sobriety. He definitely seems to be thriving, and at one point in his interview he tells Matt and I that he's a better husband, father and employee as a result of giving up booze - well who doesn't aspire to be better at all of the above? It's a great interview - massive thanks to Jamie for giving up his morning (he'd already recorded a show and been for a run at 9.30 in the morning - now if that's not an advert for sobriety I don't know what is!!!)

On a different note - this episode sees the first match in our World Cup of AF as Brewdog's Nanny State takes on the new 'Low Down' from Aldi's 'Hop Factory' brand. Who will come out on top and win a place in the next round? 

NB - Contains fruitier language than normal.

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