Voices From The Now: A Podcast By Boomtown

  • 4. Connection: What is spirit? with co-founder Lak Mitchell and elder Mac MacCartney

    "Spirit is clean water, spirit is an act of kindness, spirit is good food for people who are hungry and water when people are thirsty, it's fire when people are cold". For the final instalment of Boomtown 'Voices from The Now' before The Gathering on August 10th. We spoke to co-founder Lak Mitchell and elder Mac MacCartney about the Boomtown journey and how Mac has mentored Lak over recent years. They discussed how we all can learn from ancient civilisations, change how we view connect and can learn to respect ourselves, each other and the planet.Subscribe to 'Voices From the Now' wherever you get your podcasts.
  • 3. Respect Yourself: Grove on Self Care & Well-being | Music, Festivals and Beyond.

    We spoke to our friend, the Bristol-based, vocalist and producer Grove about one the pillars that guide everything we do 'Respect for Yourself'. Grove discussed self-care, wellbeing and how respect for yourself plays such a strong part in personal and collective growth. Grove is a blend of dancehall, punk, pop and jungle, and they are absolutely killing it on the live scene right now. They have a strong message about LGBTQ+ rights and harm reduction, at festivals, in music and beyond.
  • 2. Creativity: How can creativity and storytelling be used to inspire social change?

    Friends, this week we have a pair of very special guests Inja and Gardna; discussing into the role of a narrative in electronic music. They speak about how to tell a story through a live event and inspire, and educate audiences. A look into how a story and a narrative can seriously evoke change and create solutions, nature from nurture. A little glimpse into the world of drum and bass, hip hop and the electronic music scene.
  • 1. Respect Each Other: How to create authentic inclusive worlds at live events: LGBTQ+, Equality, Diversity, Inclusions, Accessibility.

    A festival is for everyone. A diverse community coming together, and diversity and inclusivity is central to everything we do at Boomtown. The debut episode and pride special of 'Voices From The Now' is a discussion around accessibility and inclusion in a party or live event setting. They chat to us about how we can make live events accessible to all individuals regardless of their gender, ethnicity, physical or mental disability, gender expression, age, sexual identity, and heritage. Featuring revolutionary Electro DJ Mandidextrous and festival collective, Little Gay Brother's, Clayton Wright.Next Friday, we have another very special episode with music industry legends about creativity at festivals and live events. Be sure to subscribe and share the voices from the now, a podcast by Boomtown Fair hosted by Angel Mel.
  • Voices From The Now: A Podcast by Boomtown

    Welcome to ‘Voices From The Now’, a podcast by Boomtown, featuring stories and conversations from voices deep inside the festival world.A series created to explore the journey from free parties to full living theatre. A chance to immerse yourself into our world through subjects dear to Boomtowns heart from creativity to connection, and an open discussion on how we can respect ourselves, each other, the planet and every living thing...Looking through the lens of some of the most cutting edge voices from music, theatre and beyond. Exploring subjects close to the heart of the Boomtown community as we strive to use our voices to create a better world.Discover brand new perspectives from the LGBTQ+ and world renowned DNB communities. Covering diverse subjects like how to thrive in a live event setting; brave spaces for queer people to party; building worlds and how the role of storytelling can motivate audiences, and ultimately provoke positive change. All hosted by the radiant Angel Mel, a relatable and heartwarming voice telling the stories that you all want to hear.Subscribe to 'Voices From The Now: A Podcast By Boomtown' wherever you get your podcasts! 🦋