Voices From The Now: A Podcast By Boomtown


Voices From The Now: A Podcast by Boomtown

Season 1, Ep. 0

Welcome to ‘Voices From The Now’, a podcast by Boomtown, featuring stories and conversations from voices deep inside the festival world.

A series created to explore the journey from free parties to full living theatre. A chance to immerse yourself into our world through subjects dear to Boomtowns heart from creativity to connection, and an open discussion on how we can respect ourselves, each other, the planet and every living thing...

Looking through the lens of some of the most cutting edge voices from music, theatre and beyond. Exploring subjects close to the heart of the Boomtown community as we strive to use our voices to create a better world.

Discover brand new perspectives from the LGBTQ+ and world renowned DNB communities. Covering diverse subjects like how to thrive in a live event setting; brave spaces for queer people to party; building worlds and how the role of storytelling can motivate audiences, and ultimately provoke positive change. 

All hosted by the radiant Angel Mel, a relatable and heartwarming voice telling the stories that you all want to hear.

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