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Ziggy Ramo The Storyteller

Season 1, Ep. 8

Over the years, Ziggy Ramo has basically made a second home out of the Opera House. Now he's back again to chat about his new album, Sugar Coated Lies, his recent turn as an actor and co-composer in the Australian drama Black Snow, and why he's switching out rapping for folk music.

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  • 12. Genre bending with contemporary cellist James Morley

    Switzerland-based Australian cellist, James Morley, has been described as a “new generation virtuoso.” But over on his website, he describes himself as simply “cellist/improviser/etc” and his Instagram handle is @durrie_butts. That humility really comes through in this episode. While James works largely as a classical soloist and chamber musician, he frequently finds ways to bring cello music into unexpected spaces and genres.
  • 11. Dancing in Digital Dimensions: Next gen choreography with Harrison Hall

    As a dancer and choreographer, Harrison Hall pushes the boundary of what those artforms mean. Think drones filming dancers in motion capture body suits. Think live performance transposed into video game avatars for people watching on the other side of the world. Think dancers that don't all look like ballerinas.
  • 10. Sacrifice, social media and side hustles with Ashli

    With a gift for lush, melodic vocals wrapped around irresistibly slinky hooks, emerging singer-songwriter Ashli delivers sparkling, R&B-flavoured pop. Her debut album "Only One" was released last year and in June she'll be performing at the Opera House for Vivid Live. In this episode, Ashli chats with Courtney about: how a pop song is made, her love-hate relationship with social media, how church music and Taylor Swift inspire her, and so much more. 
  • 9. Weaving a tapestry with Jazz Money

    By weaving poetry, film and music, Jazz Money blends themes of bodies, place, Queerness and their First Nations identity into a rich and deeply personal tapestry. Courtney caught up with Jazz to chat about their experience growing up as the weird kid in a small town, how to make poetry more accessible, and their views on everyday poetics.
  • 7. Another one woman show with Liz Kingsman

    When writer and actor Liz Kingsman created her meta-theatrical parody of the classic contemporary “one woman show”, she perfectly filled a need we didn’t know we had. In this episode, she chats with Courtney about leaving Sydney to find her comedic home in the UK, and the quirks of making satirical theatre that equally tickles and baffles audiences. For more Sydney Opera House podcasts, visit or your favourite podcast platform.--
  • 6. The symphony of soul with Ngaiire

    In November 2022 creator, singer, songwriter Ngaiire performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House forecourt. Catching a glimpse of the nerves and excitement, Ngaiire sat with Courtney ahead of the show, sharing all the lessons learned in her career in music, how her life experiences have shaped her art and how this performance had her mum crying tears of joy.For more Sydney Opera House podcasts, visit or your favourite podcast platform.--
  • 5. Character building with Lily Balatincz and Rahel Romahn

    In a new Australian run of Peter Shaffer’s play Amadeus, Lily Balatincz and Rahel Romahn play Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Constanze Mozart. Amidst rehearsals, Lily and Rahel talk to Courtney about the life changing experiences that shifted their careers, how they connect with their characters, and what it means to share the stage with legendary actor Michael Sheen. For more Sydney Opera House podcasts, visit or your favourite podcast platform.--
  • 4. Getting in the mood for love with Rainbow Chan

    Courtney has a heart to heart with vocalist, producer and interdisciplinary artist Rainbow Chan. They get cosy and chat all about her performance in an ode to Wong Kar-wai’s cinematic masterpiece In the Mood, her artistry, and share stories about love and loss and how to find comfort in times of heartache. For more Sydney Opera House podcasts, visit or your favourite podcast platform.--