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  • First Bite

    meow meow meow meowIn today's episode of UnWholesome we explore the cost of fear of the outside world. This episode was written and read by Meredith Lindgren, with voice acting from Lisa Hawkes. The original score is by Nathaniel Paull.

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  • 1. A Feast Of Starving Saints

    The debut episode of UnWholesome!The Feast of Starving Saints is a cinematic radio play of crime and romance in old Sicily. Featuring the voice talents of Meredith Lindgren, Lisa Hawkes, Nathan Paull, Joe Goffeney, and Jess Fischer. Soundtrack by Nathan Paull.
  • UnWholesome (Trailer)

    We are excited to announce UnWholesome, a horror fiction podcast written and read by Meredith Lindgren and scored and directed by Nathan Paull. Each episode will contain a unique story complimented by an immersive cinematic soundtrack. Additional voice talents will be credited as needed. Just in time for the spooky season!