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An UnWholesome Christmas

Here at UnWholesome we like our Christmases to be... Christmasy.

This is a dark musical drama written by Meredith Lindgren and Nathan Paull. It features the voice talents of Meredith Lindgren, Paul Lindgren, Nathan Paull, Lisa Hawkes, and Lyn Greer. The original music was composed by Nathan Paull, except the last song of the piece (Peter's Lullaby) which features a melody written by Meredith Lindgren, and a public domain rendition of Silent Night performed by the US Air Force Band of the Rockies. It brings us great satisfaction to offer you an Unwholesome Christmas. This project has been a labor of love, a most worthy offering from your favorite malcontents, and if you don't stop listening to Joe Rogan and start listening to us we will find you and kill you.

Peace and goodwill to all.


Poppy (Meredith Lindgren)

Seamus Lindrooth (Paul Lindgren)

Peter Haig (Nathan Paull)

Dr. Horvath (Lisa Hawkes)

Bartender (Lyn Greer)

Developed from an idea by Meredith Lindgren.

Directed and scored by Nathan Paull.

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  • The Problem Of Dracula

    Meredith and Nathan have a bone to pick with Behind the Bastards. That's right, our legions of fans will vanquish our unworthy opponents once the world at large catches wind of our EPIC internet beef. You see, Nathan recently listened to the episode wherein the hosts of that program perpetuated the Vlad Dracula myth and became enraged, causing him to impulsively smash his gigantic mountain of Funko Pops with a womanish shriek, an outcome he later lamented. Now, in an effort to assert his intellectual superiority, he has no choice but to reveal to the world that he alone has uncovered the SCANDALOUS SCOOP on the whole Vlad-Tapes-is-Dracula thing ONCE AND FOR ALL. Not only will he do this, but he will record himself doing it, and insist that Meredith listen to his ramblings as well. This embarrassing display of nerdery will establish once and for all the sad, lifeless trajectory of his existence and do little to further the UnWholesome brand. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy this offering and continue to nurture the parasocial bond forming between us.
  • The Mermaid

    The Mermaid is a dark fantasy tale of a monster from the deep.Written and Narrated by Meredith LindgrenMusic by Nathaniel paullCaptain Stone was played by Paul Lindgren. Drake was played by Joe Goffeney. Green was played by Nick’s voice. Thorne was played by Matt McClane. Gustafson was played by Nathan Anderson. The chaplain was played by Talen Winchester. The Ropemaker was played by Nathan Paull. The song vocals were by Sarah Desantcti.Have an UnWholesome day.
  • First Bite

    meow meow meow meowIn today's episode of UnWholesome we explore the cost of fear of the outside world. This episode was written and read by Meredith Lindgren, with voice acting from Lisa Hawkes. The original score is by Nathaniel Paull.
  • 1. A Feast Of Starving Saints

    The debut episode of UnWholesome!The Feast of Starving Saints is a cinematic radio play of crime and romance in old Sicily. Featuring the voice talents of Meredith Lindgren, Lisa Hawkes, Nathan Paull, Joe Goffeney, and Jess Fischer. Soundtrack by Nathan Paull.
  • UnWholesome (Trailer)

    We are excited to announce UnWholesome, a horror fiction podcast written and read by Meredith Lindgren and scored and directed by Nathan Paull. Each episode will contain a unique story complimented by an immersive cinematic soundtrack. Additional voice talents will be credited as needed. Just in time for the spooky season!