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Two Beats Off Podcast

Episode 11: Featuring Sunny Singh

Season 1, Ep. 11

We kept it short this week as MC returns to the podcast for a brief intro. We then have our good buddy Sunny Singh from hate5six join us to talk about how he got into filming sets, his white whale band to film, and the BMX scene in central PA. This episode also sees the return of the debate game with Sean Farrell where Sunny and Sean debate whether or not you truly die if you die in Canada.

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  • 16. Episode 16: Featuring Davey Von Bohlen

    Big B returns to the podcast to chill with the fellas. In this episode, we discuss:-New Bouncing Souls record-Future of the Chameleon Club-Facebook bans
  • 15. Episode 15: Featuring Michael McDermott

    In episode 15, we speculate about the future of the Chameleon Club, play 6 Degrees to Dan Yemin, and find out Justin owns a flat screen TV. We're then lucky enough to be joined by Michael McDermott from the Bouncing Souls to talk about how he ended up joining the band, get some stories about the recording studio sessions, and find out what it's like being in a band with the legendary Joan Jett.
  • 14. Episode 14: Featuring Mike Natoli and Jon Hernandez

    In episode 14, we talk about salad dressings, the new Strike Anywhere record, and our short friend. We're then joined by Mike and Jon from Timeshares to talk about their upbringing in music, their relationship with SideOneDummy and have them play the newlywed game.
  • 13. Episode 13: Featuring Steve Roche

    In episode 13, we discuss whether or not Rancid is cancelled, how to differentiate the members of Anti-Flag, and go over the infamous night that MC and Steven were arrested. We're then joined by Steve Roche from Saetia and Off Minor to discuss what it's like to tour in Australia, how Saetia came to an end, Level Plane Records, and the intricaces of being a studio engineer.
  • 12. Episode 12: Featuring Mike Riley

    Friends and frenemies alike join us this week to discuss our music/show based pet peeves and some super spicy hot takes. We also briefly discuss the new Strike Anywhere songs. Mike Riley from Pulling Teeth then hops on with the fellas to talk about growing up in NJ, his not so well known hip hop group, and then ranks the Pulling Teeth full lengths.
  • 10. Episode 10: Featuring Tanner Jones

    We celebrate episode 10 by having our good buddy Big B join us to discuss the new Alkaline Trio EP, the closest we've ever been to death, and a whole bunch of Reservoir / Placeholder talk. Then, we're lucky enough to have long time friend Tanner Jones spend some time with us to talk about the rise and fall of You Blew It!, what he's up to now, and even a mini interview with my 3 year old son Ender.