Two Pints of Maggots & A Packet of Hooks - The Fishing Podcast


Episode 20 - With Special Guests in the "Forum" : Keith Arthur, Alex Dockerty & Tony Grigorjevs

Season 3, Ep. 5

In this latest episode we change the format and introduce "The Forum" replacing "The Big Chat"

We talk to Legendary Angler, Commentator and face of fishing on our tv sets for over 20 years; Keith Arthur, Golden Rod Winner and Angling Coach; Alex Dockerty and Features Editor for Improve Your Coarse Fishing Magazine; Tony Grigorjevs.

3 anglers from 3 different generations all with one thing in common... the love of fishing!

The topic of conversation is all about "Angling Media" and its evolution from simple weekly newspaper clippings about fishing, through to modern day social media along with the advantages & dis-advantages of having so much angling info at your finger tips. This new format opens up a plethora of opinions, conversation and honesty.

The usual features of the Press Pack and Tackle Shed stay the same where we look at the latest news that has caught the eye and any interesting items of tackle to hit the shelves.

A new section for the new upcoming season. A compelling listen once again!

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